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OnePlus announces the Bullets Wireless Z, its new budget-friendly wireless earbuds

In an online presentation earlier today, OnePlus unveiled its latest flagships, the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. In addition to those new phones, the company also shared a budget-friendly alternative to the already inexpensive Bullets Wireless 2, the new Bullets Wireless Z earbuds with low latency and excellent battery life.

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OnePlus 7 Pro cases and USB-C Bullets are 25% off at T-Mobile

So, you've bought your OnePlus 7 Pro. What now? Is it time to accessorize? Well, if you didn't decide to on purchase, you can do so today with T-Mobile — most cables and adapters for the new phone are 25% off. And if you've decided to pick up a OnePlus 6T, you can get a Karbon Bumper Case for more than half off.

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OnePlus announces wired Type-C Bullets earbuds

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei recently confirmed that the company's forthcoming 6T won't have a headphone jack. It'll include an adapter in the box, but what kind of self-respecting company would OnePlus be if it didn't also sell you a solution? Enter the Type-C Bullets, a new pair of wired earbuds that'll plug right into the new phone's only remaining port.

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'Shoot Many Robots' Lands On Android, Just Please Don't Kill Andy

"Shoot the robots, kill them all, in the park, at your house, or even at the mall.

Shoot them high, and shoot them low, shoot them stop, and shoot them go. Shoot them here and shoot them there, you can shoot them anywhere!"  -Nurse Seuss (Dr. Seuss' lesser-known cousin, for obvious reasons)

If you remember that childhood story and developed a deep-seated hatred for robots as a result, the time has come to Shoot Many Robots. The game, which has been available for a while on other platforms, including PS3, Xbox, and PC, has finally made its way to Android.

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[New Game] AstroWings3: Icarus Is High On Ships, Lasers, Missiles, Bullets, And Advertising

Top-down shooters, also known as "bullet hell" games, are fairly common on mobile platforms. But rarely have we seen one with the complexity and artistry of this one. AstroWings3: Icarus is the latest in a series that started on iOS, and the first to make the warp jump to Android. Don't let that dissuade you, though - it's well worth your attention if you're a fan of the genre. Customizable weapons and screen-filling attacks are par for the course, and the loose connection to Greco-Roman mythology gives the game a nice presentation. You'll need a pretty powerful device - my Galaxy Nexus shudders when there are too many enemies at once.

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[New Game] Shogun Rise Of The Renegades Brings "Bullet Hell" To Android With Hours Of Flying Bullets, Sheer Chaos

The developers at introduced Shogun Rise of the Renegades to the Android Market today, bringing "bullet hell" gameplay reminiscent of Japanese arcade games from the 1990s to the palm of your hand.

For those not in the know, the Japanese sometimes call "bullet hell" style games "danmaku," referring to insane shooters in which players can generally expect most of the screen to be filled with flying bullets.

Shogun definitely delivers on this reputation, providing a continuous stream of chaotic scrolling shooter action. One of Shogun's claims to fame is its dynamic, addictive gameplay - it's easy to get hooked on the manic action and crisp, retro environments offered by Rise of the Renegades, and  the game keeps things interesting with hours of entertainment.

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