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The OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 earbuds can last 10 hours on a 10-minute charge

Alongside an impressive new series of phones, OnePlus also announced the second generation of its Bullets Wireless earbuds at today's launch event. The changes look minimal but we're told the earbuds have been completely redesigned with longer battery life, faster charging, and great sound in mind.

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New OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones swing by the FCC

OnePlus started offering its "Bullets" earbuds a while back, but this year it made the leap to Bluetooth with the Bullets Wireless. Now, it looks like an updated version of the company's wireless earbuds is on the way. Over at the FCC, they're testing a new version of the Bullets Wireless with model number BT32B.

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New red OnePlus 6 goes on sale today, Bullets Wireless back in stock

OnePlus revealed the new red version of its flagship last week, with sales for both this new color and a restocking of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Bluetooth headphones set to happen on July 10th. Well, according to the most reliable calendars we can find, today is that day. Whether you've had the color on your mind since it was first revealed, or it was merely the tipping point in your consideration of the company's latest flagship, you can pick one up starting today.

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