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Bugdroid May Be Immortalized In Lego Form: Android Lego Cuusoo Reaches 10,000 Votes

Lego and Android go together like an open-source operating system and an infinitely variable building toy. Lego engineer GLHTurbo agrees, which is why he submitted this 205-piece Bugroid design to the Cuusoo platform, Lego's Kickstarter-like crowdsourced idea farm. Builder submit ideas, participants vote, and the projects that reach enough votes are considered for a retail Lego kit. The Bugdroid model passed the 10,000 vote threshold late Wednesday night.

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The Lego corporation reviews 10,000+ vote submissions four times a year, and according to their Cuusoo video, only selects one project to become a reality.

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Andru, The Loveable Bugdroid Charging Adapter, Now Available In White 'Chill' Version For $25

You remember this little guy? Of course you do. He's freaking cute, how could you not remember? Don't act like you don't want one. Everyone does. However, if you've loved the idea but were holding out for one in white, today's your lucky day. Right now, the useful bugdroid buddy has gone on sale in a new 'Chill' flavor. Perfectly white with a nice silver accent along the neckline. Fantastic.

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