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[Update: Working again] Google Play Music is down for some, thinks 'too many devices' are linked to affected accounts

We're currently getting tips reporting a bug that's causing Google Play Music to be unusable. "Too many devices used with music library" is the message users are getting, regardless of how many they actually have linked in their account.

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Google News is using up several gigs of data for some users, resulting in overages

A Google News bug has been making the rounds since early September, but has recently picked up steam and claimed many victims: the app is downloading tons of data in the background and causing overages for many users.

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The latest Messages 3.7 update is crashing constantly on Wear OS watches

Messages 3.7 began rolling out a few days ago, and while the update brings some significant improvements on Android phones, notably the addition of contact sharing, it did something a lot less desirable on Wear OS. The app is now crashing constantly on smartwatches and can't even stay open for a second.

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Twitter API bug potentially allowed developers to read DMs and private accounts

Earlier today, Twitter sent a message to a large number of users informing them about an API bug. According to the company, it identified a bug on September 10 that potentially allowed direct messages and protected accounts to be read by "Twitter developers who were not authorized to receive them."

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Google details how (fixed) USB security flaws compromise Android user data

In this modern digital world, we’re often most concerned with remote hacks and scams when it comes to device security — but physical access to a device can provide a major opportunity to a targeted attacker. That's the case with a set of (thankfully fixed) vulnerabilities found by Google's Project Zero team, which require access to a device's USB port. If you're a security buff, you might remember this from the September 2018 security patch, noted briefly as an issue that could "enable a local attacker to bypass user interaction requirements to gain access to additional permissions."

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[Update x2: Will be fixed soon] 2016 Pixel XL owners experiencing issues with quick chargers after Android Pie update

Over the past few weeks, some owners of the 2016 Pixel XL have reported problems using quick chargers on Android P. For most of that time, Android P was still in beta, so bugs were to be expected. Unfortunately, issues with quick charging are still present in the final 9.0 release.

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[Update: Next update will fix] Some OnePlus 6 displays flicker in bright light with adaptive brightness enabled

In the last couple of weeks, I noticed my own OnePlus 6 was having a bit of trouble when I was outdoors. If I went to check missed messages or train schedules on a sunny day, I'd notice the display seemed to flicker spastically between two different brightness levels. I pushed it out of my mind, assuming I imagined it, but according to reports compiled together by the folks at PiunikaWeb, I'm not alone.

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[Update: Pulled] Latest Google app beta (v8.14.12) repeatedly crashing for many

Developer previews aren't always the most stable, and they aren't meant to be. They are the process by which a stable is created. Because of that, sometimes it's possible to run into a few issues when using them, and it appears many are seeing a repeated force close problem with the latest version of the Google app beta (v8.14.12).

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Fix for glitchy Google Maps visuals in Android Auto rolling out now

Back in April, users reported to Google that their Android Auto head units were showing weird, glitchy visuals under some circumstances. A fix was promised for sometime in June, but the month came and went with no resolution. Google has acknowledged this, though, and says a fix is rolling out now.

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[Update: Fix now available] Google Play Store app licensing bug is putting developers in a horrible spot

Creating (and maintaining) a great app can require a ton of work, so we're happy to compensate developers for all that effort by shelling over a few bucks for their content in the Play Store. But while many app-makers rely on this income stream, a new bug that's popped up in a recent Play Store update threatens to toss a wrench in the works, interfering with how apps can verify paid licenses.

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