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[APK Download] Gmail 5.10 Fixes The Broken Hotmail Account Sync (But Not All Of Gmail's Syncing Issues)

Since the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Gmail users have been reporting some syncing problems on their app that appeared simultaneously with their update to Android's latest flavor. (Very few users mentioned being affected on Lollipop, but it's worth pointing out.) The problems seemed to be divided in two categories: one that specifically stopped Hotmail accounts from being synced inside the Gmail app and another that caused a lot of delays in syncing and notifications regardless of the account type.

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Some Nexus Owners Are Having Syncing Issues In Gmail, Inbox, And Other Apps

If you've been experiencing some intermittent problems getting timely email alerts on your Nexus phone, you're not alone. According to lengthy threads on both Google's official Nexus Help Forum and the AOSP issue tracker, quite a few Android users running Android 6.0 and later builds on Nexus hardware are seeing similar issues. The problem seems to result in late or missing notifications for Gmail and Inbox, as well as less frequent alerts for other apps, and less definable errors with some Google services like Google Now.

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The 'Until Next Alarm' Feature In Do Not Disturb Mode Is Weirdly Disappearing From Android Devices

What the hell? After many users were happy to see the "until next alarm" option return to Android's somewhat nebulous "Do Not Disturb" mode after upgrading to the cutting-edge 6.0.1 build of Marshmallow, several have now reported that the feature is once again gone. What's going on here?

Android Police readers have alerted us to the odd change, and Android users on Reddit are also scratching their heads.

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[Bug Watch] Some YouTube Music Key Beta Users Lost Access To Google Play Music Last Week, But Not YouTube Red—Google Says The Issue Is Fixed And Should Work In 24 Hours

Before YouTube Red launched at the end of October, a number of folks signed up to take part in the YouTube Music Key beta. Starting last week, a number of them have been getting hit by a particularly frustrating bug. They've been switched to YouTube Red, but they've lost access to their Google Play Music subscriptions. To make matters worse, YouTube Red charged them $7.99 as though everything were in working order.

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Many Nexus 6P Owners Are Reporting Microphone Problems, May Be Related To Noise Cancellation; Google Is Investigating

Are the people you call with your shiny new Nexus 6P saying that they can't hear you? Then you might want to check out several threads on the Google Product Forum and XDA-Developers. A common problem among early adopters seems to be weak and spotty voice quality - that's the voice of the Nexus 6P owner, not the other call party. At the time of writing, several dozen owners across the two sites are reporting very similar problems, both in standard call mode and when using the speakerphone. Google representatives have responded on the official forum, and say that they're looking into it.

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[Update: Fixed] If The Play Store Is Saying "You Don't Have Any Devices" For All Apps, You Are Not Alone

Living in Lebanon, I'm used to seeing limited app compatibility on the Play Store. Some apps are just not available in my country for a logical reason, others aren't because who-knows-why, and a few are limited to carriers or specific devices. I am, however, definitely not used to seeing "You don't have any devices" on every single app that I visit on the Play Store, which is what happened to me yesterday. I chalked it off as the Play Store being the Play Store, which is to say sometimes weird and slow to realize that I have at least 7 different Android devices that the app can be installed on, and moved on.

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The Latest Android Wear App Update To Version 1.4 Is Causing Lots Of Issues, Users Are Showing Their Discontent On The Play Store

Not all app updates are created equal and while most usually fix bugs, add features, and make things better, faster, smoother, more stable, and more enjoyable, it is not the case of the latest Android Wear app update. Google giveth and Google taketh away.

Version 1.4, which was released about 10 days ago, did some UI cleaning, but it dumped a couple of features: the battery stats (for everyone) and the disconnect toggle (for some users). Battery stats weren't the most useful feature all the time, but I liked peeking at them every now and then to check the stamina of my watch.

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Chromecast And Android TV Users Are Seeing Widespread Casting Issues, Cast Receiver APK Update Fixes Them [APK Download]

Have you been having trouble casting videos or other content to your Chromecast or Android TV device lately? You're not alone - we've been getting tips for the last day from all over the Android world about casting failures, and based on threads on Reddit, XDA, Google's support forums, and even NVIDIA's SHIELD forums, the issue has been affecting hundreds and possibly thousands of people. Various culprits have been suspected, from a recent Marshmallow update for the Nexus Player to compatibility tweaks for the new Chromecast model. According to a Reddit user claiming to be a member of Google's Cast on Android TV team, it isn't either of those.

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PSA: If Some Apps Like Google+ Aren't Working Well On Marshmallow, Check Their Permissions, They Might Not Know To Ask For The Ones They Need

Over the past couple of days, Marshmallow's official release has been making its way to us as Nexus factory images and OTA updates for Nexus and Android One devices. Like us, you've probably rushed to download this stable release and started using it, turning it upside down, and checking all the cool features it packs. One such feature, however, may be causing trouble to some of your apps without you noticing: App Permissions.

Take for example Google+. When you start writing a new post, you're usually faced with a text field and an image box beneath it that shows thumbnails of your last photos for easy insertion in the post.

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Some Google Play Music Users Are Reporting Chromecast Streaming Errors, Google's Working On It

If you use Google Play Music on your Chromecast on a regular basis, you may have noticed a few issues lately. According to this Google support forum thread, casting Play Music to a nearby Chromecast has been broken for about three weeks for at least some users. Once the music playback begins on the television it reports an error shortly thereafter. Multiple users began reporting the same problem and similar issues.

It doesn't seem to be universal - trying out the casting feature in Google Play Music on my Nexus 6 and SHIELD TV doesn't appear to be broken - but enough people are experiencing it that it's beginning to gain notice.

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