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Android 11 Developer Preview 2 gets a new bugfix update

Google is handling the Android 11 Developer Previews a bit differently than it did with previous Android betas. Each major Preview so far has been accompanied by at least one bugfix update, and now another minor OTA is rolling out.

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Google Play Store v17 fixes the broken changelog menu [APK Download]

Over the past few days, updates to the Google Play Store broke the changelog menu under My Apps & games. Users noticed that tapping the little arrow next to any app didn't trigger the changelog to appear below it, so they had to dig into the app listing looking for the latest changes brought by each update. Thankfully, that's now fixed with the latest Play Store v17.

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Lenovo fixes Smart Display low-volume bug, update coming soon

Over the past month or so, a strange bug has been affecting the Lenovo Smart Display. In some cases, voice responses from Google Assistant would start at 0% volume, then slowly raise to the actual volume after a few words. Multiple owners have reported the bug, including our own Artem (#artemsluck), but Lenovo says the glitch has finally been fixed.

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Google updates Messages app to fix bug that broke search functionality [APK Download]

Some of you may have recently encountered an annoying bug in Google's SMS app Messages (formerly Android Messages) whereby the search function would no longer work — ironic when your company is primarily known as a search engine. Thankfully, a fix has now been released and the issue should no longer present itself.

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Google will fix Pixel 3 memory management issue in the 'coming weeks'

Of all the bugs and issues reported for the Pixel 3 so far, one of the more bothersome is a memory management issue that overzealously kills background apps. While this has led some to wonder whether 4GB of RAM really isn't enough for a modern flagship, Google believes it can fix the issue with a software update, and says that fix will arrive "in the coming weeks."

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[Update: T-Mobile too] Verizon rolls out update to fix Galaxy S9 and S9+ video and phone call, iris scanner bugs

Verizon Wireless began rolling out a software update yesterday (August 10th) to fix what seems like a set of fairly uncommon bugs related to video calls, phone calls, and the iris scanner. The bug-fixing update also brings the July security patch.

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Google posts 7.1.2 changelog, adds battery usage alerts and fixes serious bugs on Pixel and Nexus devices

Android 7.1.2 was officially released today, and the rollout has started for Nexus and Pixel devices (unless you have a Nexus 6 or 9). Besides the minor new features, the release also fixes several long-known problems.

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That annoying Chromecast notification is coming from the Facebook app - here's how to fix it

Over the past few days Android users have been noticing an annoying notification that pops up after using the Facebook app and watching any video. It says "Cast Device Not Connected," and includes a play and close button... and that's it. The notification opens the Facebook app when it's tapped, but the buttons don't do anything and it can't be dismissed with the usual swipe. The only way to kill the notification is to force close Facebook.

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Quick Snapseed update fixes a bug that deleted some original photos after editing

Graphic designers know the pain of saving a project and accidentally writing over their only copy of an original photo. Last week Snapseed users knew that pain too, because at least a few of them were experiencing a frustrating bug that did the same thing. While the bug wasn't widespread (we couldn't replicate it on our own phones, for example), multiple Reddit users said that sending a photo to Snapseed via the Share menu could either delete or overwrite the original non-edited photo.

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[Update: APK Download] Google Project Fi Updates Fix Data Toggle Bug, Allow Users To Block Incoming Calls

Google's Fi mobile virtual network allows users an impressive amount of fine grain control when it comes to selecting their data allowances. That being the case, it's especially important for users on low tiers to be aware of said usage, and to limit their data consumption when they stray away from the Wi-Fi homestead. A bug in the system created a problem there: it sometimes kept the GSM and/or LTE connection active if a user turned the data toggle off while still on Wi-Fi.

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