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OnePlus will start paying up to $7,000 in bug bounties as part of new OneSRC program

For all the incredible things technology has enabled us to do — especially over the last decade — the code that powers it isn't perfect. Features break, hackers exploit vulnerabilities, and scammers manipulate users for access to personal data. To help combat the digital threats that could impede its devices, OnePlus is launching its own two-stage bug bounty program.

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OnePlus promises to stop killing apps in the background

OnePlus just published a recap of its second "Open Ears Forum" from all the way back in May. At the event, it gathered a handful of developers and fans central to the OnePlus community to solicit their feedback. Four months later, the company has revealed a set of changes influenced by that feedback, including more timely kernel sources for Open Betas and a new bounty program for reporting vulnerabilities. Most importantly for customers, though, OnePlus has promised to finally fix how aggressive its software is at killing apps in the background.

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Play Store bug bounty program expands to all apps with 100 million+ downloads

Google has a plethora of bug bounty programs that help it stay on top of black hat hackers. To keep incentives high, the company is constantly tweaking these programs' general frameworks and has recently increased Chrome's vulnerability rewards. Today, Google announced an expansion of its bug bounty system on Google Play to include all apps with 100 million downloads or more. It also introduced privacy-focused rewards for researchers identifying data abuse issues in apps.

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