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Play Store helps you budget your monthly purchases to avoid overspending

Spending money online is more and more common. You see an item you like and the purchase is just a couple of taps away, you barely get any time to have second thoughts. With digital stores, that's even more exacerbated by the presence of apps, plenty of entertainment options, not to mention games and all their tempting in-app purchases. Having a mental budget is all well and good, but if you don't actually know how much you've spent or if you don't get reminded that you're nearing or have surpassed your limit, then it's pointless. That's why the Play Store has begun rolling out a new budgeting feature.

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[Deal Alert] Star Wars Pinball 4, Mind Games Pro, and more all $0.10 on the Play Store

If you're looking for new games or applications to try out this weekend, you're in luck. A number of popular applications are on sale for $0.10 (or the local equivalent) on the Play Store. First up is Star Wars Pinball 4, from developer Zen Studios. Not only is the base game $0.10, but all the in-app purchases for additional tables are 50% off as well.

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[New App] Mobilligy Hopes Consolidating All Bills Into A Single App Will Make Paying Them Less Sucky

Paying bills sucks. Everything about the entire experience, from reading the email/letter, writing the umpteenth check/visiting the umpteenth website, and kissing that hard-earned money goodbye, is considerably unpleasant. Then there's the consistently broken promise of doing better next month only to find that after forgoing all of that fast food, you actually managed to spend more money than the month before. Again, it sucks. The new Mobilligy won't make it not suck, but there's a chance it will at least make it suck less.

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The premise behind Mobilligy is pretty simple. It's free, it consolidates all of your bills into one place, it checks your checking account before paying to prevent overdraft fees, and it give you the ability to pay everything off without having to hop around from site to site.

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