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Sky Kids Launches On The Play Store, Peppa Pig And Lazytown In Tow

International pay-TV broadcaster Sky has launched Sky Kids, a new app specifically designed to allow your little ones to watch their favourite TV shows on an Android device. There's a caveat, though - it seems to be only available for tablets. Nonetheless, Sky says if you're a Sky TV customer with Sky+ Family, Variety, or Sky Q, this app is available free of charge.

The app will let users set up profiles, much like Netflix does, so each child in the family can watch their own shows. These profiles can be age-restricted, which means a 3-year-old wouldn't be able to watch a show designed for a 7-year-old.

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BSkyB NOW TV Media Streaming App Gets Chromecast Support

BSkyB is more than happy to offer TV shows, movies, and sports to people living in the United Kingdom and Ireland who are willing to pay. Now the company has bundled Chromecast support into the latest version of its mobile apps. This way customers can take the content they were used to watching on their TVs before switching over to phones or tablets and put it right back on their TVs.


This whole process may sound unnecessary, but there's something to be said for said ignoring the bulkiness of a cable box to deal with the convenience of an app that supplies shows on demand. Chromecast

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BSkyB TV And Movie Apps Return To The Google Play Store After Syrian Electronic Army Hack

Last week we reported that British Sky Broadcasting Group's Google Play apps and Twitter account had been compromised by the Syrian Electronic Army, a fringe group of hackers and digital vandals in support of the current Syrian government. After the hack was discovered, Sky's apps published under the BSkyB label were removed from the Play Store. Sky reports that the app descriptions were defaced, but the apps files (APKs) themselves were never replaced. Sky now has control of its Twitter account, and has sent out a message saying all its Android apps have returned.


That includes digital streaming service Sky Go, movie rental and purchase service Sky Movies, sports news app Sky Sports TV, and programming guide/manager Sky+.

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BSkyB's Sky Apps, Twitter Account Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army [Updated]

Syrian Electronic Army, a hacking group responsible for several visible attacks in the last few weeks, has evidently taken control of BSkyB's Sky apps in the Play Store, replacing the promo headers with SEA's logo, and the app descriptions with "Syrian Electronic Army Was Here."


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In a tweet earlier, BSkyB's Twitter account (which we now know was also compromised) warned its users to uninstall all Sky apps, as they "were hacked and replaced." Indeed, BSkyB's apk files were replaced by the hacking group.

Syrian Electronic Army, the group behind the infiltration, is also responsible for attacks on the Washington Post, Al Jazeera, Human Rights Watch, Financial Times, the Onion and many others (including Twitter accounts belonging to ITV and BBC Weather), and are "enemies of Anonymous," according to an interview reported on Vice.

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