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HTC is killing off its Android web browser on November 30th

All good things must come to an end, and the same goes for mediocre things. In the latter category is HTC's web browser app. After including it on phones for a number of years, HTC has decided to discontinue support for the browser app, known as HTC Internet. It will no longer be available after November 30th.

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Google Cast now fully integrated with Chrome, allows casting to Hangouts

Google has been testing Cast support in Hangouts for over a year, with the most recent sighting back in July. The feature never rolled out widely or was officially acknowledged by Google, until now. Casting directly to Hangouts is coming to everyone soon thanks to full Google Cast integration with Chrome on the desktop.

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Google Now-powered New Tab Page is coming to Chrome

Google makes frequent changes to the New Tab Page in Chrome, and they show up first in Chrome Dev. It looks like Google is toying with a New Tab Page powered by Google Now, and you can take a look at it right now in Chrome Dev. You might need to toggle a flag, but it seems to be live for everyone. It also works a little bit in Chrome Beta, but not at all in stable.

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Google explains how Chrome will become WebView in Android 7.0

Android has long provided a way for developers to show web content in apps without implementing a full browser with WebView, but the nature of this component has changed a lot over the years. It became Chromium-powered, was unbundled from the system, and then got a beta channel. Starting in Android 7.0 Nougat, WebView will actually be Chrome.

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Opera agrees to sell its browser business to group of Chinese buyers for $600 million

After a previous deal fell through, Opera has reached an agreement to sell the mobile and desktop browser portion of its business to a group of Chinese companies for an estimated $600 million. Opera will retain its advertising business in a bid to avoid a long regulatory holdup.

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Opera Invites US Users To Test Its Concept 'News & Search' Browser

Opera already has a handful of browsers in the Play Store, and today you can add one more to the list. The new Opera browser has a focus on news and social media, along with a revamped interface. You can try it right now, but it's only officially available in the US Play Store. We've got the APK below, of course.

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Multiple Major Newspaper Publishers In The US Tell The Brave Browser To Stop Blocking Ads

Brave Software, the company that recently purchased and rebranded Link Bubble, has a plan to make the Internet a better place by stripping out bad ads and replacing them with good ones.

But there's a problem. According to The Wall Street Journal, 17 major US newspaper publishers want nothing to do with the idea.

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[Neat] Chrome Dev Can Show Web Content Snippets On New Tab Page After Toggling A Flag

There's a particularly neat feature lurking in the flags in the latest version of Chrome Dev. If you toggle "enable-ntp-snippets" you'll get a handy list of content from around the web on the new tab page, complete with text snippet previews.

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Chrome Dev Has Started Opening Chrome Custom Tabs For All Apps, But Not For Everyone

Google started offering Chrome Custom Tabs in v45 as a way to open links, and some app developers have started taking advantage of the faster rendering and Chrome data integration. Now, Google appears to be taking matters into its own hands to make links load faster when you use Chrome Dev. Some users are seeing Chrome Custom Tabs loading for all apps when Chrome Dev is set as the default.

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Link Bubble Is Now Officially Brave Browser, Ad-Blocking And Tracking Protection Are Live

We learned a few weeks ago who bought Link Bubble from Chris Lacy and what they intended to do with it, and now they're actually doing it. Brave Software has transformed Link Bubble into Brave, an ad-blocking browser with all the floating features of the original Link Bubble. This is only the first step, though.

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