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Cake is a new mobile browser with swipeable search

A new browser aims to take on the likes of Chrome and Firefox, but only on your phone. Cake, which has picked up a big pile of venture capital, has just launched on Android today. The developers say it's a faster and more convenient browsing experience because it was conceived of and built entirely for mobile. Is it? You can find out now.

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LastPass updates Android app to support Microsoft's Edge browser [APK Download]

As Microsoft's abandonment of Windows phone continued apace this year, the company moved to release more of its core apps on Android, and that included its Edge browser. It's been pretty successful, with more than one million installs, probably due to the "continuous browsing experience" it offers Windows 10 users. Now, there's even more good news for fans of the app.

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Microsoft Edge out of beta on the Play Store

A few years ago, it would have been unthinkable that Microsoft would launch a mobile version of its web browser on Android, but we live in strange times. After dominating the desktop software space for ages, Microsoft has been unable to break into mobile. So, it's launching Android versions of its apps, including the Edge browser. This app popped up as a beta some weeks back, but now it's final.

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Firefox support for web-based Google Earth is in development

After two years in development, the web-based Google Earth 9.0 debuted earlier this year. The new version runs entirely in the web browser, but it only works in Google Chrome. This is because it used Portable Native Client (NaCl), a technology that allows C and C++ code to run in the Chrome browser. Since no other browser bothered implementing NaCl, the Earth web app was exclusive to Chrome.

That is now changing, as the Twitter account for Google Earth revealed that Firefox support is in the works:

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Chrome 64 will make sure you never have to hear autoplaying sounds again

Autoplaying videos are among the most annoying web trends of recent years, bombarding you with unsolicited content when you least expect it. Chrome 63 (currently on the dev and canary channels) on desktop recently gave users the ability to mute certain websites permanently, and there's a special toggle in the works so you can ensure they stay quiet. In the upcoming Chrome 64, both on mobile and desktop, Google is introducing even stricter conditions that should stop unwanted audio from ever playing automatically.

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Chrome will soon let you permanently mute websites

A lot of awful things can happen on the internet, but few are as terrible as landing on a website that automatically plays videos with sound. Thankfully, this is something Google is addressing in a future update to Chrome. You will be able to block sound on a per domain basis using the page info bubble.

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Google Chrome's native ad blocker is now live in Canary and Dev builds

Earlier in the year, we learned that Google would be introducing a native ad blocker in its Chrome web browser, both on desktop and mobile. The company confirmed as much last month, saying that the feature would be available in 2018. That date likely relates to the stable build, but we're now seeing the 'Ads' setting in Chrome Canary and Dev on Android.

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Firefox Focus is a super-simple new browser that takes privacy seriously

Mozilla launched Firefox Focus on iOS last year with enhanced privacy features, and now it's available on Android. It was previously available only as source code. This browser doesn't do as many things as the regular Firefox or other browsers, but it does focus on your privacy—presumably that's why they call it Focus.

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Mozilla replaces Firefox Aurora Play Store listing with Firefox Nightly

Mozilla has long maintained four release channels for Firefox: Stable, Beta, Aurora, and Nightly. Only Firefox, Firefox Beta, and Firefox Aurora have been available on Android via the Play Store. Now, Mozilla has followed through on an earlier promise to swap Aurora for the nightly build. The Play Store listing remains the same, but the app will be a little different.

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HTC is killing off its Android web browser on November 30th

All good things must come to an end, and the same goes for mediocre things. In the latter category is HTC's web browser app. After including it on phones for a number of years, HTC has decided to discontinue support for the browser app, known as HTC Internet. It will no longer be available after November 30th.

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