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Samsung Internet vs Google Chrome: Should you switch?

Google Chrome is the default Android browser app both literally and figuratively. When you live with Android and in Google’s ecosystem, using Chrome on your phone makes sense when everything syncs up so effortlessly with your laptop, desktop, and tablet. Why switch?

If you own a Samsung phone, you may have dabbled with Samsung Internet. It’s installed by default and put on the home screen when you set up a new Galaxy device, and it’s also available for free on any Android phone from the Play Store. You might want to consider trying out Samsung Internet if you haven’t already because it gives Chrome a run for its money, outright besting it in some areas, and winning in others if its quirks suit your tech setup and app choices.

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[Update: Rolling out to stable version] Samsung Internet Beta v9.2 gets OneUI design, Smart Anti-Tracking, and more

Samsung is rolling out a new update to its Android browser today, and it's a big one. The latest Samsung Internet Beta (v9.2) is the first to adopt the company's OneUI design, which is hitting phones in the Pie update. That means you'll see various visual tweaks throughout the browser, but that's not all. Samsung also promises AI-powered privacy features.

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[Update: Live in Opera 51] Opera announces new free VPN in beta browser

ISPs are generally not trustworthy, so many internet users have turned to VPNs. Opera used to offer a popular free VPN on Android, but it retired the service last year. Now, the company has announced a new VPN, which is integrated with the Opera browser. It's starting out in the beta version, available to everyone in the Play Store.

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New Chrome extension enables Microsoft's Windows Timeline

Microsoft recently made some changes to the "Task view" in Windows 10. As of the Spring 2018 update, it includes Windows Timeline. As the name implies, it shows a timeline of recent activities on your computer and connected Microsoft services. Now, you can add Chrome tabs to the list thanks to Redmond's new Web Activities extension. Just install this, and your Chrome tabs will sync to Windows Timeline and other products like Microsoft Launcher for Android.

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Samsung's Android browser hits 1 billion downloads, more than Firefox and Opera combined

Samsung's mobile internet browser, if you ask its users, is pretty great. A lot of folks even say it's better than Chrome. That appreciation has manifested in the app hitting a very exclusive Play Store milestone: Samsung Internet Browser now has more than one billion installs.

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Microsoft Edge now warning users about fake news (since y'all were too naive to spot it yourselves)

Microsoft is planning big changes to its Edge browser, but the Chromium redesign is still off in the future. For now, the Android and iOS versions of Edge have gotten an update that adds a feature called "NewsGuard." It's off by default, but when enabled it will tell you whether or not a news website is trustworthy. Naturally, some sites are not happy with the results.

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Firefox Focus updated with UI changes, new engine, and more

Firefox's privacy-focused browser has undergone a few changes since its launch including the addition of tabs and a full-screen mode. The latest update to v7 includes some UI tweaks, but the big changes are beneath the surface. Focus is now running on an all-new mobile rendering engine.

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Samsung Internet Browser gets design overhaul in v9.0 [APK Download]

Since it became available for non-Samsung phones, its Internet Browser app has become a popular alternative to Google Chrome. Compared to the stable version currently served by the Play Store (v7.4), there are several aesthetic differences in the v9.0, seemingly aligning better with the upcoming Samsung Experience 10 update.

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Chrome outlines further changes to security indicators for HTTP/HTTPS sites

Earlier this year, the team behind Chrome stated that all HTTP pages will be marked as 'Not secure' later on this year, in a bid to encourage even more site owners to move to the more secure HTTPS standard. We now know a little bit more about planned changes to Chrome's security indicators, including how HTTPS pages will be shown as default pages going forward.

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Opera for Android v46 adds themes, night mode, and more

The Opera browser has gone through many changes over the years, including the switch to a Chromium base. Opera adds a lot of things on top of Chromium including an ad-blocker and a not great news feed. Hey, you can't win them all. Opera's latest additions will probably make a lot of users happy, though. You can finally change the browser theme and toggle a night mode. There's also better control of private browsing mode.

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