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FCC Chair: Broadband Internet, Including Mobile Broadband, Will Be Reclassified As Title II Utility To Preserve Neutral Internet

Tom Wheeler, the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, announced today that he will reclassify broadband internet providers as Title II utilities under the 1996 Telecommunications Act. The proclamation, written for Wired, dances back and forth between his specific plans and lots of bluster for a public that is hungry for more ISP regulation. One rather surprising note is that mobile broadband will also be included in this move, which was not nearly as expected or precedented.

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Gogo Is Working On A New Inflight Wi-Fi Service 6x Faster Than It Currently Offers, Takeoff Expected Sometime In 2014

Riding on an airplane is the fastest way we currently have to get from one place to another, but boarding one is also one of the quickest ways to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. Not all flights provide Wi-Fi access, and connections are often slow on those that do. Thankfully, Gogo is working to speed up airborne Wi-Fi connections, according to the Wall Street Journal, and Virgin America has already signed up to give its new service a go.

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Will The FCC's Net Neutrality Order Cost Smartphone Users?

In a word: yes. Wireless carriers in the US (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) have long been deeply opposed to net neutrality over their so-called "mobile broadband" networks, but today they've been given a power they have long desired to see the FCC put into writing.

If you haven't been following the net neutrality saga, you might want to find out what exactly "net neutrality" is, or what it means.

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