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Smartphone-only internet use in US has doubled in six years

Broadband internet can be downright dismal in many households in the United States — pricey speed tiers and usage quotas tend to cripple the experience. On the other hand, cellular carriers are pouring in money towards speedy 5G and smartphone use is on the rise for a variety of other reasons. All of this to say that it's no surprise the Pew Research Center has come out with its latest Mobile Technology and Home Broadband survey findings which point a doubling over 6 years in the number of U.S. adults using the internet solely on smartphones.

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Amazon's global broadband ambitions start with 3,236 satellites

Amazon has confirmed that it is working to start a satellite broadband service that will serve most of the world. The plans, first reported by GeekWire, went under the codename "Project Kuiper," the name referring to the icy asteroid belt beyond Neptune's orbit. They called for a total of 3,236 satellites spread across three different altitudes of low-earth orbit. The paperwork was filed by the FCC on behalf of Kuiper Systems, LLC.

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Verizon boasts 'first on 5G' with an in-house residential solution only available to a small portion of customers

Verizon's done it. The carrier has launched its commercial 5G network, becoming a world leader in the next generation of wireless technology. Or so it says. The wireless operator (America's largest, by subscriber count) announced today that it is launching a 5G broadband internet service called "5G Home" in parts of Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento — but its service is still quite limited, and it's not based on the formal global 5G standards.

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