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[Update: Now with visemes] Tip: Google teaches you how to pronounce a word slowly and in different accents

Google can help you learn a lot of things, from the definition of a word to providing you links to pages that explain quantum computing. The feature we're focusing on today sits closer to the former than the latter — how to pronounce a word.

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Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator lets players destroy their opponents in the most British way possible

In 2013, the Daily Express ran an informal poll that determined Winston Churchill's famous response to a Parliament member, "Yes I am drunk, but in the morning I shall be sober and you will still be ugly," to be the best insult in history. That's certainly debatable, but it demonstrates that the Brits love a good jape, the more cutting the better. That attitude has been given life in Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator, a turn-based combat game where insults are your weapons and words are your ammunition.

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Amazon Local For Android Now Available In The United Kingdom

As part of Amazon's overarching goal to be the center of your shopping life, the company debuted an aggregator of daily deal services (think Groupon and Living Social) 2 years ago. The initial launch was limited to the United States, but Amazon Local has since expanded to foreign shores; last year, Amazon rolled it out in the UK. Now, the company's making Local's companion Android app compatible with UK deals.

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In addition to UK availability, the updated Amazon Local app fixes bugs and improves the user experience. Amazon hasn't officially announced when we might expect rollout to other countries, but hopefully that happens sooner rather than later.

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'Autumn Walk', Sequel To 'Winter Walk', Wants To Take You For—Can You Guess?—A Walk

I say, fancy a jaunt in the park, ol' chap? Whilst other games may be of a less than savory nature, sometimes all a proper bloke wishes is to go for a stroll with his dog on a windy afternoon. Autumn Walk affords you just such an occasion, providing an ace simulation of the experience, in case you can't be buggered to leave your flat.

The gameplay consists mainly of following a fancy fellow as he saunters about with his bulldog in a pixelated environment. There's very little excitement, and most of your interaction simply involves controlling your pup's leash.

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Agent Dash Is A Secret Agent Themed Running Game, Has No Idea Who This James Bond Character Is

Remember when Angry Birds came out, and suddenly a ton of games popped up based on flinging things at other things in a physics simulation? Well, now it's the running game's turn to get a million "variants". Agent Dash is just the latest in a series of games that have come out centered around dodging stuff while your character continuously runs forward, apparently unable to slow down. The Eames-era style, though, certainly makes this one a looker.

If there's anything that can improve on the experience of running towards things, it's gotta be spy gadgets and jet packs, right? Agent Dash doesn't pile on a lot of extra crap.

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