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The Galaxy S7 Rumor Breakdown: What's Plausible, What Isn't, And What We Still Don't Know

The Galaxy S7 is coming. It will be the most-anticipated Android smartphone of 2016 [relative the general populace], because it will likely be the best selling single model of Android smartphone of 2016. It will almost certainly be announced next month in the lead-up to MWC. As such, the number of rumors and general crap flying around about the Galaxy S7 right now is slowly going critical, and you're probably seeing a lot of it mucking up your readers and social feeds. The question is: what do you believe?

At this point, the summary is: not much. There are a few key tidbits out there I think really worth paying attention to, but there's also a lot of speculation and general rumor-mongering going on that makes it difficult to separate plausible, reliable information from something that would be better off on a fan forum with other fiction.

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Just In: Android Web Market Now Shows A Handy App Rating Breakdown Chart

Friday seems to be the Android web Market team's favorite day to release new features, no matter how incrementally small they may be. Today is no exception, as the web Market now includes a neat little breakdown chart of application ratings on each app page, together with a prominent average score. Have a look at the ratings for the Facebook app, which got an update today:


Every little bit counts, so thanks for this pre-weekend present, Google!

Cheers, Joseph!

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Latest Breakdowns: Top 10 Android Devices, Operating System Share, Satisfaction Levels, And Other Stats

Today we're having a look at AdMob's latest monthly mobile metrics report which includes some information that may be of interest to the Android community, especially developers.

Top 10 Android Devices

One particularly interesting piece of information is their ranking of the top ten Android smartphones in terms of market share, based on data collected by AdMob in May of this year. You can view the list and each handset maker’s own market share below.

Combined, HTC and Motorola are dominating the Android handset market with an 83% share. It's going to be very interesting to see how the stats change in the coming months with Samsung, currently at 5% (at least in the top 10 list), gunning full speed to regain their own Android market share.

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