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T-Mobile is notifying some customers it suffered (another) data breach, financial data may be included

In what sadly seems to be a yearly trend for the company, T-Mobile is announcing that it has suffered another data breach. The company was able to shut down the attack, seemingly while it was in process, and it is sending notifications to customers whose data may have been affected. Unfortunately, it isn't clear what customer information may have been leaked. One notice states that financial information wasn't affected, while another claims that it was.

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Slickwraps has been hacked, customer data is compromised (Update: Email notifications)

Slickwraps is one of the most well-known sellers of vinyl skins for computers, phones, tablets, game consoles, and other product categories. If you've ever bought something from Slickwraps (without PayPal or another similar service), now is the time to replace your credit card, because the company has suffered multiple data breaches impacting all customer data.

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OnePlus security breach exposes order info — payments and passwords reportedly safe

OnePlus's security team has just announced that some of its customer information had been accessed by an unauthorized party. Name, phone, email, and shipping address data for some customers was exposed, and impacted users have been informed by the company of the security breach via email.

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Google+ reveals shutdown timeline for consumers — and it's coming fast

Google announced its plans to sunset its Google+ social media network for consumers on a sour note in October. The platform, which has a small but dedicated user-base, decided to shut down following Google's acknowledgement of a data exposure that affected up to 500,000 Google+ profiles. Shortly after, in December, the shutdown timeline was expedited due to another, larger bug that had the potential to reveal private user information and impacted approximately 52.5 million users. Now, the company has detailed its shutdown timeline for the consumer version of Google+ — and it's not wasting any time.

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T-Mobile is notifying some customers about a recent security breach

Some T-Mobile customers may be receiving a message in the coming days regarding a security incident which took place on August 20th. According to the notice received by some customers already, "certain information" including names, addresses, account numbers, and account types may have been accessed in the breach before unauthorized access was shut down. Affected customers will allegedly be contacted by SMS, phone, or mail (the last only for business and government accounts, or those with over 100 lines).

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MyFitnessPal from Under Armour suffers data breach affecting 150 million users

According to American sportswear giant Under Armour, user data from its health app MyFitnessPal has been compromised. Data including the usernames, email addresses, and scrambled passwords from approximately 150 million accounts was stolen last month in one of the biggest attacks of its kind.

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Opera reports server breach, fears saved passwords and other user data may have been compromised

Opera users who utilized the browser's cloud sync option may have had that synchronized data taken by hackers, according to the company. While the full extent of the breach isn't yet known, Opera fears that passwords saved in the browser's manager may have been exposed.

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LastPass Faces Security Breach, Prompts Users To Update Their Master Passwords

Just before the weekend, LastPass came across some suspicious activity on its network. It closed off the security breach, but only after the bad guys had made off with some personal information. The incident serves as a reminder of the risks inherent with trusting a company and web service with your security.

Screenshot 2015-06-15 at 4.32.04 PM

The team found no evidence that any encrypted vault data was taken. This means you shouldn't have to change passwords on sites that you've stored in your LastPass account.

That said, some email addresses, password reminders, authentication hashes, and server per user salts were compromised. As a result, LastPass is prompting everyone to update their master passwords (and you should go change your password if you've reused it on any other sites). The

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All Twitch Passwords And Stream Keys Reset Following Data Breach, Some Accounts May Have Been Compromised

The next time you sign into your Twitch account, you're going to have to change your passwords and stream keys. You will also need to reconnect your Twitter and YouTube accounts. Why? The same reason as always. It appears someone may have obtained unauthorized access to some Twitch user account information, and these precautions are for your own good.

Twitch has sent out emails to affected users of the video game streaming service, warning that their usernames, email addresses, encrypted passwords, last IP addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and dates of birth may have been accessed.


If you've reused your Twitch password at any other website, now would be a good time to change that one too.

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[Updated] Exclusive: Vulnerability In Skype For Android Is Exposing Your Name, Phone Number, Chat Logs, And A Lot More

Update #1: Skype is investigating the issue, we've been told.

Update #2: Skype's official first response can be found here.

The safety of our personal information is often a concern of mine - who has my email address, my phone number, my date of birth? How can I keep my private information safe while still enjoying the internet? These concerns have prompted me to take a deeper look at Android apps more than once, and often this can yield some frightening information.

On April 11, a leaked version of Skype Video hit the web and, having a Thunderbolt, I had to try it.

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