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[New Game] Breach And Clear Shoots Its Way Into The Play Store

As promised, tactical shooter Breach and Clear has arrived on Android. This game gives you command of a team of elite commandos, which you use to execute the perfect assault and take out the bad guys. This is definitely not another mindless shooter.

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The Android release of Breach and Clear brings some new content that wasn't in the original iOS release. What's new? A lot of stuff – locations, weapons, game modes, and missions so far.

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Tactical Shooter Breach And Clear Coming To Android September 5th With A Ton Of New Content

Breach and Clear stands out in a crowded field of shooters and strategy games, and it's headed your way. In this title you are in control of an elite squad of special ops commandos. In each mission you have to create the perfect plan to move in and neutralize the bad guys. The Android release will also bring new content to the game including additional missions, locations, more enemies, a new set of weapons, and a brand new game mode.

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