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Brave Browser v1.4 adds dark mode and more [APK Download]

Dark mode is a big UI trend of late, with countless apps and even entire operating systems embracing the look. Privacy-focused browser Brave is the latest notable name to get in on the action in its new update, version 1.4.

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Brave Software ceases development of Link Bubble, removes it from the Play Store


PSA: Weird Glitch Caused A Bunch Of Disney Games To Temporarily Appear Free On The Play Store, Prices Back To Normal Now

Earlier this morning, something strange happened. A handful of paid Disney games – including Where's My Water?, Temple Run: Brave, and Wreck-it Ralph, among others – suddenly showed up as free in the Play Store. Naturally, stories started popping up in the Android world that a bunch of fairly popular games were suddenly available without charge for no apparent reason. Perhaps Disney decided that it was time to give some titles away – but that didn't make much sense, as the "lite" versions of most titles were still present alongside their formerly-paid counterparts.


Turns out it was just a glitch, and the games are once again donning their original $0.99 price tags.

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Temple Run: Brave Puts The Red-Haired Heroine From Pixar's Latest In Imangi's Gauntlet

In recent months, we've hardly seen a game more hyped than Imangi's Temple Run. Couple that with the inherent excitement any time Pixar decides to release something, and it's hard not to get a little excited. Temple Run: Brave, despite it's entirely unimaginative name, places Princess Meridia as the centerpiece of this running game that seems to involve little-to-no temples.


The game doesn't have any illusions about what it is. It's Temple Run, but with Pixar characters. The added ability to fire arrows at bonus targets is a nice addition, though. Also, the visuals are excellent, inspired by the movie and Scotland itself.

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