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Brave Browser v1.4 adds dark mode and more [APK Download]

Dark mode is a big UI trend of late, with countless apps and even entire operating systems embracing the look. Privacy-focused browser Brave is the latest notable name to get in on the action in its new update, version 1.4.

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Private browser Brave launches its own ad network to fight the Internet’s broken advertising

The privacy-focused, ad-blocking browser Brave is best known here at Android Police for acquiring and shutting down Link Bubble, which allowed users to surf the web in floating bubbles similar to Facebook Messenger's chat heads. Now, the company has announced the roll-out of its advertising initiative called Brave Ads, which replaces intrusive tracking ads on the web with privacy-centric ones provided by the browser.

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Brave Software changes app name back to Link Bubble, releases separate tabbed Brave Browser

Brave Software acquired Link Bubble from developer Chris Lacy a few years back, aiming to turn it into a friendlier ad-blocking browser. The name was eventually changed to Brave, but now the owners are reversing course. It's Link Bubble again, and there's a more conventional browser app available called Brave. Yeah, it's kind of a mess.

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