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Peak Game-Focused Brain Training App Comes To Android, Makes Us Wish Conditioning The Rest Of Our Body Was This Easy

Brain training sounds like a mundane exercise, but a steady wave of sites and apps wants us to think of those words as anything but (we all know about this one). Each promises that you can improve your mental capacity in some way through a combination of puzzles and games.

Peak fits into this mold. The bright and colorful app has attracted a significant following over on Apple's mobile platform since its launch in September, with millions of downloads spread across two dozen countries.

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[New App] Lumosity Mobile App Arrives On Android Eager To Train Brains Using Bite-Sized Games

If you have cable, browse YouTube, enjoy Hulu, or partake in any activity that involves viewing video ads, there's a solid chance you've seen a Lumosity ad. But on the off chance that you haven't, here's one (and you thought browsing a blog would keep you safe).

Lumosity is a service that promises to train your brain in areas related to memory, speed, attentiveness, problem solving, and others. The website launched in 2007 and has millions of members, but many users come via a mobile app that has, thus far, only been available for iOS.

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