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Bounty Arms Review: These Are Console-Quality Graphics, But There's Nothing Else To See Here

Bounty Arms is a moving experience, but not because the game itself is any good. It hints at what the future holds for mobile gaming. This game looks every bit as good as a current generation console title, and on a high-end device, it runs quite well. But there is more to quality gaming than pretty looks, and Bounty Arms falls flat in just about every other area. At the very least, this five dollar game is free of both ads and IAPs.

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[New Game] Bounty Arms Looks Like A Console-Quality Side-Scroller, Now In The Play Store For $4.99

Kerosene Games hasn't yet published many games for Android, but their titles definitely grab our attention. Their last title, Bladeslinger, was an action-RPG with highly-attractive visuals that were only somewhat held back by repetitive gameplay and in-app purchases. Their next title, Bounty Arms, is available now, and it looks perhaps even more impressive. This 3D side-scroller puts you in control of three characters across 10 beautiful levels that may just have you do a double-take.

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NVIDIA Shows Off Five New Tegra 3 Games At E3: Dead Trigger, Puddle THD, Demons' Score THD, Bounty Arms, And Heroes Call

NVIDIA has been working hard to bring a console-like gaming experience to portable device that feature the Tegra 3 superchip. Shadowgun was the first title to really break that barrier, and the experience has only gotten better since then. Games like Dark Meadow and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II now set the standard - and that's a high bar to reach in the mobile space.

Today, though, NVIDIA has taken the wraps off of five all-new Tegra Zone games designed specifically for the 4-plus-1 core Tegra 3 processor: Dead Trigger, Puddle THD, Demons' Score THD, Bounty Arms, and Heroes Call.

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