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Facebook app UI turns lurid for some, flashes large f button on bottom nav bar

It hasn’t been long since the Facebook app for Android shed its dark blue top bar in favor of an interface that looked whiter than Facebook’s ethos. Some of that vibrancy may soon make a comeback as the social media giant is testing a redesigned options tab along with a new bottom navigation bar, where the Facebook logo sits right in the center. The changes are visible only to a few people, so possibly it’s a limited test.

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Google sneaks in new navigation bar for Android Q, swipe-for-back

The I/O keynote is over, but there are already new features surfacing for Android Q that were only briefly brushed upon during the presentation. Beta 3 sports a new iPhone-esque navigation bar that drops the back button and replaces it with a gesture that isn't limited to the bottom of the screen anymore.

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Twitter's bottom navigation bar is official, rolling out to everyone

A couple of months ago, we reported that Twitter was testing a bottom navigation bar in its Android app. This came as no surprise since many apps from Google and others have been following this UI trend in response to the ever-increasing size of our smartphones. Twitter has now announced, on Twitter, that the test is over and the bottom navigation bar is here to stay.

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YouTube's new bottom navigation UI is official

All the way back in September of last year, YouTube began testing a new layout with a bottom navigation bar. Over the past few months, it has continued to go live for more users on Android, with a few minor tweaks along the way. Now YouTube has officially revealed the new design.

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YouTube improves on its iOS-esque UI test with a bottom nav bar and some layout changes

YouTube is constantly testing new interfaces or features, often at the same time. Case in point: we published an article about a new YouTube comments layout on Android just two days ago, and here you are, reading another one today. As you may have guessed from the title, the bottom nav bar is back, but with some nice tweaks from the last time we saw it. It's virtually identical to iOS's YouTube app now.

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Google Photos 2.7 tidies up the navigation drawer, adds a loving Easter egg, and sets up for timestamp editing [APK Teardown + Download]

A new version of Google Photos hit late yesterday, bringing the current version to 2.7. At first glance, it's hard not to notice there are fewer items in the navigation drawer, but not much else seems to have changed for regular use of the app. Digging a bit deeper reveals a neat Easter egg that's all about the love, and a hint that Photos will soon allow users to edit the timestamp on a photo. As usual, you can hit the download link at the bottom to get the latest version if it hasn't already rolled out to your device.

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Play Books v3.11 adopts a bottom navigation bar, sub-lists for series, and a settings link for Night Light [APK Download]

As the holidays close in (at least for many readers), Google is rolling out a stream of updates to various apps. In addition to the major Keyboard update earlier today, Play Books is making some changes, as well. The big change on this release is the adoption of the bottom navigation bar. Digging a bit deeper also reveals improvements to the way issues are displayed for comics and other series, and a couple of other visual tweaks.

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Wikipedia Android app updated with bottom navigation row

Android visual standards are a hot topic - just check the comment section every time a point of contention in Material Design springs up. One of the most contentious is top tabs and slide-out menus, as featured in Android since Ice Cream Sandwich, versus bottom navigation links, as tends to be popular with lazy iPhone ports (though they're actually part of the documentation). The latest update to the official Wikipedia app indulges in a little bottom-nav action, and it's... okay.

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Google is working on an insane navbar customizer, currently hidden in 7.0

The System UI Tuner was only introduced in Marshmallow, but it's already got quite a few features, with one graduating to a fully-fledged feature (and others causing quite a bit of controversy). The next thing Google seems to be working on for it is a navigation bar customizer, allowing quite extreme customization of the now standard back-home-recents navbar.

The navbar customizer is currently hidden in Nougat's code.

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Spotify beta switches the slide-out navigation drawer to a bottom bar

I don't like this recent trend of using bottom navigation bars. Not because it is reminiscent of iOS apps, but because I have gotten so used to sliding a navigation drawer from the side that reaching the bottom of my phone's screen is just not engrained in my muscle memory. Also, the way it's implemented often uses screen estate that can be better utilized to display more data than to provide switches to other tabs that I may not need or use all the time. But that's just my opinion.

It looks like the bottom navigation panel or bottom bar or whatever you want to call it is here to stay.

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