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Unread badges could be coming to Google Chrome tabs and bookmarks

Since Chrome's big 10th birthday redesign, it's looking cleaner and less cluttered than ever, but that may be changing soon. The Chrome team is continuing work on the 'Badging API' that would allow websites to add unread notification badges to open tabs or bookmarks. In theory, this could be really useful, but I hope it doesn't make for a UI that's way too busy.

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Google app starting to show 'in this video' bookmarks for YouTube search results

Search is Google's bread and butter, its raison d'être, and almost certainly the company's most widely used product. Last month Google revealed a new focus on instructional how-to content in Search, and we've received reports that Google is showing "in this video" bookmarks below YouTube video results in searches made from the Google app.

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Chrome's omnibox search results are getting favicons for bookmarked pages

A couple of months ago, we heard that Google was working on an updated UI for Chrome's omnibox. Colorful images and brief descriptions were being tested when you searched something in the Chrome URL bar, and this was a welcome change from the sea of white and gray that would normally be seen. Further improvements are also on the way, with favicons being introduced next to bookmarked pages.

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Twitter officially launches Bookmarks, a place to save tweets for later viewing

As a fairly regular Twitter user, I often find myself scrolling through my timeline during brief moments of inactivity (sometimes out of compulsive habit). Oftentimes, something will catch my eye, but I do not have time to follow through on it. If it's a link to an article, adding the webpage to Pocket is a quick enough process, but I'd like to go back to look at specific tweets sometimes, too. Thankfully, Twitter has implemented such a feature.

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Firefox Nightly for Android has an improved bookmark manager

Firefox 57 is the biggest revamp to Mozilla's browser since Firefox 4. Not only will v57 drop support for legacy add-ons, but it's expected to include massive changes to the interface and some performance boosts. We already covered the design changes to the Android browser, but now the bookmark manager is getting a facelift too.

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Chrome Dev Revamps The Bookmarks Widget With Material Design

We already know at least one improvement with the latest Chrome Dev build (v51): the complete removal of the 'Merge Tabs and Apps' option. Well, here's the second improvement: a brand new widget. Or rather, a revamped version of an older widget.

The bookmarks widget, formerly with big, largely useless thumbnails, has been re-designed to use a list item style instead of a grid, and material design navigation. The result is a much cleaner-looking widget, with better, easier to understand navigation to boot. It has shown me how disorganised my bookmarks are, though.

Of course, the widget won't make your bookmarks any more organised - we can only hope that feature will come to Google Now in the future - but maybe it will encourage you to organise them into folders and such.

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Chrome For Android 47 Tweaks The Bookmarks Interface With A Slide-Out Menu, At Least For Some

Chrome's URL bar is so fast that I generally don't even bother with bookmarks anymore, but those who do might have noticed that they look a little different lately. In the latest version of the Chrome stable build for Android, there's a new user-selectable flag that can enable or disable a different interface for the Bookmarks manager. It can be enabled (or disabled, if you prefer) in the Flags settings page: chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment.

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Google Stars Appears To Be Back As 'Bookmark Manager' For Chrome

We've been seeing bits and pieces (and fully functional prototypes) of Google Stars for a long time now. The tool, which for now acts as a replacement for Chrome's bookmark manager, has been in development even longer, but it looks like the Chrome extension might finally be ready to roll (assuming it doesn't get pulled again) as Google released "Bookmark Manager" to the Chrome Web Store earlier today.

Despite the new name, the extension takes over chrome://bookmarks just as before, with options to organize bookmarks into folders, give those folders descriptions, and even share folders with others. Of course the interface for adding a bookmark is also updated.

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Google Stars Spotted Again—Still Evolving And Not Ready For Primetime Yet

It's been a few months since Google accidentally left the Stars bookmark management extension visible in the Chrome App Store. We had been hearing about the development of Stars for some time before that, so its appearance was not entirely surprising. However, Mountain View removed the listing and didn't mention Stars at I/O this year. Now Florian Kiersch has gotten a look at the updated version of Stars. It's clear Google is still making improvements to the service, but it's definitely not done yet.

google-stars-mobile-all-items-2 google-stars-mobile-all-items google-stars-mobile-auto-folders-2

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Facebook Save Is A New Auto-Categorized Bookmarking Feature For Your News Feed

Let's just say you popped open Facebook and spotted something interesting shared by one of your friends – maybe you want to save that? I can't remember the last time this happened, but I'm sure it's possible. That's what Facebook's newly announced Save feature is for, and I'm kind of surprised it didn't already exist.

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