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Bookmark Sync Returns To Opera Browser For Android In The Latest Update

Back in 2004 (or thereabouts), Opera was my go-to browser. I liked that it was available on both Windows and Linux, and it just seemed faster than Firefox to me at the time. That was of course long before mobile phones were what they are now - I was probably carrying an old Nokia bar phone and changing the faceplate every three days. Good times.


Another thing missing back in the dark days of the early 2000s was something Google really made happen with Chrome: cross-device/platform sync.

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Javelin Browser Updated With Speed Dial Bookmarks And Javelin Sync Desktop Extension

Google's Chrome browser is our go-to web tool on Android, but there are plenty of reasons not to like it, like the way the latest version hides the refresh button in a drop-down menu. For those users who aren't happy with the status quo, one of the more refreshing alternatives is Javelin, and independent browser made with a unique interface and Material Design visual elements. The latest update (4.1.3) includes some more advanced bookmarks and syncing features.

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Dolphin Browser Bookmark Extension Now Available In The Chrome Web Store, Seamlessly Syncs Your Chrome Bookmarks With Dolphin

Bookmark sync is one of the best features of the Android stock browser (and Chrome for ICS devices), but there's one major flaw with it: what if you don't use the stock browser (or you don't have ICW)? Well, if Dolphin's your default browser, we have good news - there's now an extension in the Chrome Web Store that allows Dolphin to sync all of your desktop bookmarks to your mobile, and vice-versa.

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