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YouTube video titles are bolder, smaller, and fit more words on your screen

There's nothing more frustrating (hyperbole) than scrolling through YouTube, finding a video that seems interesting, except the title is cut off and all you see is "March 20..." Is it 2000? 2019? Any other year in between? You have to click to find out. But that will happen less frequently now, as the video service's Android app is rolling a small redesign to its video titles, using a bolder and smaller font.

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PSA: WhatsApp has made it easier to find emojis and apply text fonts

We're used to covering the big and the small WhatsApp features here, but there are two changes that we haven't mentioned yet that we keep getting tips about so we thought we'd let you know about them, in case you hadn't noticed them before. One is relatively old, the other is fairly new but has been on WhatsApp Web for a while, but both are equally handy improvements. Without further ado, let's check them out.

First are the text selection toolbar actions for changing the font. If you might recall, last year WhatsApp introduced bold, italic, and strikethrough fonts then it added a fixedsys monospace font as well.

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WhatsApp Now Lets You Format Text As Bold Or Italic, Send Google Drive Files As PDF, And More

Given the fast rate at which WhatsApp betas are rolling lately, we keep getting frequent tips about certain small changes to the app that have occurred over one of the many revisions but that we can't pinpoint to a specific version of the app (unless we go ahead and install and test each version, but ain't nobody got time for that!!!). So here we are today with a list of changes that have been implemented at some point during the past week or two and that are all available in version 2.12.535 of the app.

First, you can now format text inside WhatsApp messages as bold or italics.

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HTC Ditches 'Quietly Brilliant' Tagline For Something Louder, Doubles Marketing Budget With Extra Emphasis On Digital

It's no secret around these parts that we find HTC's advertising to be a little lackluster. Which is a shame because its hardware is not. For what it's worth, the company's CEO agrees and plans to ditch the "quietly brilliant" slogan for the One and instead shoot for the themes of "bold," "authentic," and "playful." Which, by a strange coincidence, also happen to be Peter Chou's list of the top three traits he's looking for in a woman on his OK Cupid profile*.

The "bold" theme, as HTC's media chief Ben Ho explained (any good marketing campaign has to be explained, you know), refers to how the company will market itself.

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