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[Update: Alaska Airlines too] Ryanair, Air France, KLM, EasyJet, and Lufthansa boarding passes can now be saved to Google Pay

Google Pay is more than just a way to buy things in stores with your phone. It can store loyalty programs, gift cards, train tickets, and even plane boarding passes. Now the app supports boarding passes from Ryanair, a major Irish arline that mostly operates in Europe.

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United Airlines app can now save boarding passes to Google Pay

Back in May, it was announced that Google Pay would be able to store boarding passes and tickets, similar to Apple Pay. We've seen a few airlines add support for the feature, like Southwest, and now it works with tickets from United.

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Boarding passes on Google Pay are now live, at least for Southwest Airlines

Since Google rebranded Android Pay as Google Pay, the app has seen a number of useful changes to bring it in line with competing services and make it more useful. The addition of transit passes will be great for users who have season tickets and don't want to use a separate payment card when they travel, for example. Passbook on iOS is always something I've been envious of, but we recently learned that boarding passes and event tickets would be coming to Google Pay in much the same vein. This integration is now live for at least one airline.

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Google Pay v1.57 prepares support for airline boarding passes and event tickets, Suica and WAON payment cards, and more [APK Teardown]

It wasn't that long ago that Google Pay (and its previous names) was solely focused on making purchases in a store or paying on the spot to get onto subways...and sometimes sending money to friends. Google recently added support for one-time transit tickets on the Las Vegas Monorail and prepaid commuter cards with the TriMet in Portland, Oregon, but things are about to get a lot more interesting thanks to the latest update. We can expect to see support added for airport boarding passes and event tickets. There are several other big additions coming, too, so let's get straight into it.

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Southwest Airlines App Version 2.4 Tweaks The User Interface And Adds A Mobile Boarding Pass For 28 Airports

There's not a whole lot that one company can do to make the hellish miasma of American air travel better, but bless them, Southwest Airlines is trying. The latest update to the company's official Android app tweaks the interface yet again (the second time in a year), and adds a mobile boarding pass to save you just in case you forgot to print it out on old-fashioned dead trees before leaving.

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Apparently the mobile boarding pass, which lets you display your phone or tablet to board the plane instead of a printed pass from your computer or the airline check-in counter, has been in testing earlier this year.

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