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Asmodee Digital reveals their upcoming line-up for Spiel Essen 2017

Back in August I wrote a post about some of Asmodee Digital's upcoming game releases that were announced at Gen Con. Well, it would appear that they have released some more details about these titles this week for Spiel Essen 2017. Anyone familiar with Asmodee Digital will know that they are one of the largest digital board game developers and publishers out there today. So it is no surprise to see that they have a ton of new games planned for release this year and the next.

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Here are Asmodee Digital's upcoming game plans, fresh from Gen Con

Any tabletop fanatic is going to be pretty familiar with popular board game publisher Asmodee Digital. They have produced digital versions of some of the most popular board games out there today. Ticket to Ride, PandemicMysterium, and Splendor are just a few of the high profile releases they have brought to Android, and it would appear that the ride isn't over yet. That's right, Asmodee Digital announced a slew of upcoming games at Gen Con that are either in development right now or are releasing sometime soon.

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36 new and notable Android games from the last 2 weeks (3/7/17 - 3/20/17)

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Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android games that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

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Android Police coverage: OrangePixel releases Meganoid 2017, offering more classic platforming action and frustration

Somewhat of a confusing release, Meganoid (2017) is different from the previous versions of Meganoid and Meganoid 2.

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Popular board-turned-PC game Mysterium is out on Android

Board games are great fun: I especially like Pandemic and Ticket to Ride. Some are so good they get turned into PC games. Mysterium is one such example, and after proving popular on Steam, it's garnered an Android release as well.

Mysterium is set in the 1920s - prime detective era, think Agatha Christie - and is a little bit like Cluedo (Mrs White, in the ballroom, with the candlestick). A ghost guides a group of psychics to uncover a murder using only visual clues, leading them to the murderer, the weapon, and location. Co-operation between the psychics (i.e. players) sees the mystery uncovered faster.

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