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Android P fixes Xbox One S Bluetooth button mapping issues — at least for some controllers

A couple years back, Microsoft released a Bluetooth-compatible version of its Xbox One controller, further cementing the company's game controller dominance. But when it came to using one with an Android device, there was a big catch: button mapping was broken compared to other controllers. According to a recent change on Google's bug tracker, that problem has been resolved in Android P.

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[Deal Alert] Bose QuietControl 30 Bluetooth earphones down to $250 at several retailers ($50 off)

If you're looking for high-end Bluetooth audio accessories, most people think of Bose and for good reason. Sales on the company's products aren't too frequent, but another has popped up right after the QC35 II from this past weekend. The QuietControl 30 earphones are down $250 at various retailers, including Bose itself, Amazon, Best Buy, and so on.

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The Note9's new Bluetooth S Pen has a clever solution to its power problem, but one that's also pretty limiting

Powering mobile accessories is tricky business, with companies forced to balance concerns of capacity, charging speed, and ease of use. That challenge is doubly hard for something like a stylus, where space is at an absolute premium. Samsung's S Pen has long offered a graceful solution to these issues, leveraging Wacom digitizer technology to power the stylus by way of an electromagnetic field, without requiring any power supply on the S Pen itself. But now with the new Galaxy Note9, Samsung is giving its stylus Bluetooth connectivity, seriously complicating this arrangement. Luckily, Samsung has come up with another elegant solution, though one with some important limitations.

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Android Pie finally fixes the Wear OS phone call audio bug after 10 months

In late 2017, Wear OS users reported via Google's issue tracker that Bluetooth call audio was thoroughly busted. Then, they waited... and waited. This has been going on for so long that Wear OS was still Android Wear when the issue was initially reported. At last, we're getting confirmation from users that the bug has been patched in Android 9 Pie. It only took Google 10 months.

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Google to sell its own hardware 2FA solution, the Titan Security Key

Google is in full-on enterprise announcement mode, today being the second of three days dedicated to its business-centric Cloud Next conference. One interesting tidbit that's been making the rounds (independently of an announcement at the event itself, so far) is some new security hardware Google plans on selling in its store. This isn't anything so glamorous as a new phone, tablet, or Chromebook, though: They're a pair of hardware 2FA security keys.

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[Update: Now $47.99] Deal alert: Nyne Adventure Bluetooth Speaker is $55.99 at Best Buy ($94 off)

Tiny Bluetooth speakers are almost literally a dime a dozen these days, but high-quality larger units can be harder to track down. Nyne, in addition to having a 3/4 of a pretty rad name, makes a wide selection of contemporary Bluetooth boombox replacements. And today the "splash-proof" 40W Nyne Adventure is just $55.99 at Best Buy, in stark contrast to the $149 price at the OEM's site

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Google is fixing an issue affecting users who pair Pixel Buds with Wear OS smartwatches

Pixel Duds Buds are still around, which is a shame because they're just not very good. The dozens of consumers who for whatever reason chose to purchase these Bluetooth headphones may be experiencing an issue beyond remorse: Apparently some Buds users who also use a Wear OS smartwatch have to reset and re-pair the earbuds in order to get a media connection with their phone via Bluetooth. Google is aware of the issue and is working on a fix. In the meantime, it also has a puzzling recommendation.

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Android P developer preview includes a list of received files in connection settings [Update: It's just in a new place]

Direct Bluetooth file transfers have been available on Android since time immemorial, but Android P adds a long-overdue related feature. You can finally see a list of all transferred files. The menu is nestled in the connection settings—it's actually been there for a while, and no one noticed.

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Google may bring proximity-based Nearby API to Chromebooks

Last year, Google released v2.0 of its "Nearby Connections" API, which allows for your gadgets to communicate with other devices in close proximity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It was a part of the overall "Nearby" package, which also includes a few other systems for more specific applications, including messaging and notifications. According to a pair of commits recently spotted by the folks at XDA Developers, these Nearby APIs may be coming to Chromebooks. 

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FCC confirms Galaxy Note 9 S Pen will have Bluetooth

Ever since its introduction, the S Pen has been the defining feature of the Galaxy Note series. Some users are so devoted to that stylus they won't even consider buying another phone. The S Pen hasn't changed much over the years, other than no longer getting stuck in the phone. Samsung seems to have something big planned for the Note 9, though. A new FCC report lists the S Pen as a Bluetooth device.

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