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[Deal Alert] AKG N60 noise-cancelling refurbished headphones are $89.99 (wired) or $139.99 (Bluetooth) from Woot

AKG is one of the more well-known names in the audio industry, producing headphones, microphones, conference systems, and more. Woot is currently offering two models of refurbished AKG on-ear headphones for a lot less than MSRP: the N60NC (wired) for $89.99 and the N60NCBT (Bluetooth) for $139.99.

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[Deal Alert] Factory refurbished JBL Everest Elite 700 Bluetooth headphones are just $69.99 today on Woot

In 2016, we called the JBL Everest Elite 700s' $300 MSRP "a decent price point." Then, in February of this year, refurbished models were going for $120 on Woot. That was a good deal. Now they're $69.99 on Woot, which is a heck of a deal.

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Google working on improved Chrome address bar, revamped Bluetooth stack and Android app shortcuts for Chrome OS

Chrome OS has been rapidly evolving over the past few months, mostly in regards to Linux application support. There are even more improvements in the works, from minor UI changes to a major reworking of Chrome OS' Bluetooth functionality.

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Wicked Audio Shred Wireless review: So close to being great

Fitness-focused audio is a very saturated market, filled with options both good and bad. Wicked Audio, a manufacturer that focuses on providing good style and bang for your buck, recently sent me the Shred Wireless to try out. This pair of neckband earbuds packs quite a decent punch, especially for the price. The magnetic, metal housing on the buds themselves is nice, too.

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Ikea debuts Eneby Bluetooth speakers

Swedish furniture purveyor Ikea has unveiled its first Bluetooth speakers in a line it's calling Eneby. The little guys come in eight- and 12-inch varieties, each available in black or white. The larger speaker has to be plugged into a power source to operate; a rechargeable battery pack is available separately, but it's only compatible with the smaller model.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung Gear IconX wireless earbuds drop another $10 to $149.89

The first time Samsung took a swing at completely wireless earbuds, the results weren't great. However, the 2018 revision of the Gear IconX was much better. These earbuds have better battery life, an improved charging case, and they're super-compact. The MSRP is just a bit high. The price has been coming down on Amazon lately, and even lower than usual right now. You can pick up the black IconX earbuds for $149.89.

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Wicked Audio Endo review: The boring kind of cheap headphones

Bluetooth audio products take many forms at several price points, offering us the consumers multiple options to meet our respective needs. While some can go for the top-dollar, high-end items from Bose, others may need something under $100 or even $50. Affordable audio is potentially lucrative, especially when a customer can go find them at his or her nearest Walmart. Growing up, the only name of true note I knew in this particular market was Skullcandy, an edgy company set on providing decent-ish headphones and earphones that looked nice/cool, but didn't cost a whole ton.

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Huawei's FreeBuds are €159 ripoffs of Apple AirPods

Huawei has unveiled what look to be the most expensive AirPod ripoffs yet, and they're called 'FreeBuds.' These very familiar-looking, fully-wireless Bluetooth headphones only got a tiny mention in addition to the P20's announcement, but Huawei had some units for event attendees to try on.

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Google Home can now pair with Bluetooth speakers [Update]

The Google Home family of devices have built-in speakers of varying quality, but you might have some nicer Bluetooth speakers around the house. Now, you can have Google Home stream audio directly to these devices. After pairing your Home with the speaker, you can control playback and even adjust the volume.

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Android P feature spotlight: The Bluetooth icon disappears from the status bar when disconnected

With many connectivity options on our smartphones nowadays, it's easy to see how things can get very crowded on your status bar. LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC get added to the time, battery level (and percentage), alarms, and maybe DND or hotspot icons to create a super cluttered status bar. Android has been allowing us to customize this in System UI Tuner for a while, and it has also made a few choices like removing the NFC icon when it's not actively transmitting data, even when NFC is on. The same is happening for the Bluetooth icon in Android P.

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