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Tile Bluetooth trackers are now directly integrated with Google Assistant

Tile recently introduced a whole swath of new Bluetooth trackers and, to complement its new releases, the company has now directly its products with Google Assistant. The feature was announced last month, but is now live for all.

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Tumi's Global Locator Uses GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, And Bluetooth To Track Your Luggage And Bags Everywhere

There are dozens of Bluetooth trackers being released or crowd-sourced by companies every month, but most of them suffer from the same issue. Once you're no longer within Bluetooth range, these trackers are useless. Sure, they can do the job for keeping an eye on belongings that should always stay near you, like wallets and handbags, but when it comes to travel luggage, you're inevitably going to be separated by more than a few hundred feet. You need a more robust location system like GPS to be able to follow your bags across vast airports, and maybe even halfway across the world if they get sent somewhere by mistake.

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