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FABRIQ Chorus review: Standing out from the crowd

Fabriq is a relatively-new speaker brand. Its first product was the Fabriq RIFF, a speaker about the size of an Echo Dot, but covered with a soft fabric in a variety of patterns. Not only did it have the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, but you could connect more than one for synced multi-speaker playback (like Google Cast/AirPlay). The Riff used either a direct microUSB connection for charging, or the included charging dock.

Today, Fabriq unveiled its second speaker, the Chorus. In most regards, it's a larger and more powerful version of the Riff, but with the added bonus of Alexa always-listening for commands (the Riff required a button press to activate Alexa).

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[Deal Alert] Altec Lansing Porta Bluetooth speaker is just $39.99 ($60 off) at Best Buy

Phone speakers are getting better, but they're still no match for a proper standalone speaker. So if you're looking for a way to get better, louder audio while you're on the go, look no further than a Bluetooth speaker like this Altec Lansing Porta unit. It's currently discounted to just $39.99 at Best Buy, a whopping $60 off its MSRP.

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[Deal Alert] Anker 6' USB-A to USB-C cable just $10 at Amazon (28% off), plus deals on other Anker products

Anker is running a decent little sale over on Amazon. Right now you can pick up a six-foot durable braided USB-C cable for just $10, a 20,000mAh battery for $41.99, a USB-C mini-dock with 2 USB, 4KHDMI, SD Card slot, and Ethernet for $62.99, and a tiny cubic Bluetooth speaker for $16.59

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[Deal Alert] NYNE Bass bluetooth speaker with built-in subwoofer and mic $69.99 at Woot ($60 off)

If you are all about that bass (at least as applied to music) and you happen to be looking for a bluetooth speaker, then this deal is for you. Over at the popular daily deal site Woot you can pick up a NYNE Bass portable bluetooth speaker for a mere $69.99. This particular deal slid under our radar until now. But, if you are interested, there are still a few hours left to snag one. Like most Woot deals, this one is set to expire at the end of the day. 

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[Deal Alert] Klipsch Groove Bluetooth speaker is $69.99 ($80 off) on Amazon

Bluetooth speakers are pretty awesome, but the more premium models can cost quite a bit. If you've been looking for a good wireless speaker, this is just the deal for you. Now you can get the Klipsch portable Bluetooth speaker for $69.99 on Amazon, an $80 savings.

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[Deal Alert] Please your ears with a Bose SoundLink Mini II for $129 ($70 off)

I make no attempts to hide the fact that I do not particularly like Bluetooth speakers in general. There are a few exceptions, one of them being the subject of this Deal Alert. The Bose SoundLink Mini II is available on Amazon for $129, which means that you can save $70 off of the MSRP.

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Fugoo Go review: A portable speaker that really packs a punch

I'm back again with another one of Fugoo's 2017 offerings: the Go. This little Bluetooth speaker is built to withstand whatever you throw at it and go with you wherever you might tread — and sound good while doing so, of course. The Fugoo Go represents one of the best bang-for-your-buck Bluetooth speakers right now. It's IP67-rated, it's rugged, it has a mounting strap, and best of all it's $80.

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[Update: Winners, coupon for everyone else] Wireless audio giveaway: 10 readers will win Bluetooth noise canceling headphones and portable speaker ($75 combined value) from Tronsmart [US only]

If you've yet to join the wireless audio trend or are just dying for an upgrade to your existing gear, this giveaway is for you. 10 Android Police readers will win a Bluetooth speaker and some snazzy Bluetooth, active noise cancelling headphones from Tronsmart. This prize package has a combined value of $75, but it won't cost our winners a single cent.

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[Deal Alert] Get a UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth speaker in Sugarplum for just $45 ($55 off) on Amazon

Dual speaker-equipped phones like the HTC U11, Nexus 6P, and Axon 7 may have better sound than their competitors, but the fact of the matter is that a phone's sound will never beat out a standalone speaker's. So if you want good portable sound and don't yet own a Bluetooth speaker, the UE ROLL 2 may be worth considering. Given its capabilities, the ROLL 2 is a no-brainer at just $45, which is less than half of its MSRP.

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UE Wonderboom review: A super adorable waterproof speaker that sounds great

This little guy is the UE Wonderboom, the newest speaker in UE's product line. It's half as tall, and almost twice as fat as its more expensive and elegant big brother, the UE Boom 2. At $50 less, it's nearly as loud and sounds almost as good. The catch? It's missing a few of the features of its older siblings. However, if the missing features are ones you don't care about, it's a better bargain.

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