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[Deal Alert] Get Up To 80% Off Various Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle Bluetooth Speakers On Amazon

In its latest Gold Box Deal of the Day, Amazon is offering up to 80% off a number of Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle Bluetooth speakers. Two models are up for grabs. One is a water and dust resistant device rated iPX-5. It can last for up to 15 hours of playtime and comes reduced from $129.99 to $34.99.


If you don't particularly plan to use this thing by the pool or on the beach, you can opt for the cheaper variant that's going for $19.99, down from a regular price of $99.99.

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[Deal Alert] Motorola Is Offering The Sol Republic Deck Bluetooth Speaker For Half Off, But Amazon Has It Marked Down Nearly 75%

Sol Republic's Deck Bluetooth wireless speaker is a peculiar looking creation. Significantly wider and flatter than it is tall, the portable device doesn't resemble most of its competitors on the market. Not having used the speaker myself, I can't speak for the sound, but now might just be the right time for you to find out for yourself.

Motorola is offering the Deck for $99.99, 50% off its usual price. Even better, Amazon has the product marked down to just $54.99.

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[Deal Alert] Woot Offers The Jawbone BIG Jambox Bluetooth Speaker In Three Colors For $187.99 (Over $100 Off)

In the book of Judges, the Hebrew champion Samson claims to have killed a thousand men with a donkey's jawbone. We wouldn't recommend killing anyone with the Jawbone BIG Jambox, but if you just happen to be surrounded by a hoard of enemies, it's probably a better blunt instrument than the standard model. Consumers in the market for high-fidelity Bluetooth speakers and/or weapons of biblical destruction can pick one up from Woot today for just $187.99.

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Sony's Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP60 Is A Cutesy €299 Amazon Echo Alternative

Along with its Xperia Z4 Tablet announcement at MWC, Sony unveiled a set of accessories including this adorable little thing. Officially dubbed the "Smart Bluetooth® Speaker BSP60," this round black ball that slightly looks like Mickey Mouse's head if his ears were squashed (or the 8 ball in pool, or the pendulum's head in Beauty And The Beast, or maybe a black version of Eve's head in Wall-E) is an alarm, a 2.5W Bluetooth speaker, and a voice assistant.

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Soen Transit XS Bluetooth Speaker Review: An Ultra-Portable Speaker With A Couple Of Tricks Up Its Sleeve

You can walk into basically any department or electronics store right now and be overwhelmed with the assortment of Bluetooth speakers. And when you start to dig in online, the competition gets even tighter - there are so many legitimately good options available today, it can be incredibly challenging to pick the one worth your hard-earned dollars.

As a result, manufacturers are looking to things other than just sound quality to give their offering an edge. Things like size/form factor and available accessories are starting to be much more important than they were this time a couple of years ago, which is exactly why the Transit XS from Soen ($130 retail) was born.

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy Offers The Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Bluetooth Speaker For $200 ($100 Off) Today Only

There are immeasurable options for portable Bluetooth speakers these days, but if you want big sound without saying goodbye to audio fidelity, you're going to have to spend some considerable cash. Case in point: the Jawbone BIG JAMBOX, though very well-received by reviewers, is outside of most consumers' accessory budget at $300. Today you can take a big chunk of that off thanks to Best Buy, which is selling the stylish speaker for $199.99.


That's a solid $50 cheaper than we've seen from other retailers, and Best Buy offers free shipping or store pickup. Naturally this is a US-only deal, and there's probably nowhere that you can hide from sales tax.

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[It's Back] Deal Alert: Jabra Solemate Portable Bluetooth Speaker Only $64.99 On Woot Today (Down From $199.99)

It's good to save money, but when it comes to audio, there's a pretty clear difference between a quality product and something cheap. Fortunately you can always wait for the good stuff to go on sale. Today we've come across the Jabra Solemate portable Bluetooth speaker on Woot, where it's currently available for $64.99.

Screenshot 2015-01-22 at 4.04.22 PM

That's down from an MSRP of $199.99 and significantly less than the $149.99 Amazon currently wants for the same product (which has 4.5 stars there, by the way).

The speaker supports Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC, which allows for easy pairing.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Gold Box Has The JBL Charge Bluetooth Speaker And Battery Pack For $90 ($60 Off Retail)

About a year and a half ago when David Ruddock reviewed JBL's Charge portable speaker, he came away with an excellent impression, with the only caveat being that it might be a little too pricey. That problem has been alleviated by Amazon, at least for today: the online retailer has given the Charge a $60 price drop on the Gold Box deal portal. That's a great price, but it also means that the discount is available for one day only.


Amazon lists the retail price of the Charge at $169.95. That's a little ambitious: JBL says the Charge is $150, so Amazon's discount to $89.99 isn't quite as dramatic as the listing would have you believe.

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Fugoo Announces The XL, A Beast Of A Speaker That's Four Times Larger Than The Original

Beats Pill and Beats Pill XL. Ultimate Ears BOOM and Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM. Motorola Moto X and Nexus 6. People apparently like small things that are later made into bigger things. Fugoo realizes this, so it recently announced the Fugoo XL, a massive new speaker in the Fugoo line.


Now, you may or may not remember the Fugoo speaker from when I reviewed (and loved) it back in May of 2014. If not, you can go back and read that review now. Done? OK, great. Let's move on.

The Fugoo XL is four times the size of the original Fugoo, making it pretty dang big.

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Ultimate Ears Announces The MEGABOOM Bluetooth Speaker, A Follow-Up To Its Excellent UE BOOM, For $300

We usually don't cover news on Bluetooth speakers here at Android Police, at least not ones without specific mobile-related features. But Cameron enjoyed the original Ultimate Ears BOOM speaker so much that we figured an announcement post for the bigger brother was warranted. The plus-sized MEGABOOM features the same sturdy design as the original in a larger and louder package, complete with its impressive software features. It will retail for a hefty $299.99 later this month.

megaboom-lightbox_large_1-charcoal-black-en-us megaboom-lightbox_large_2-charcoal-black-en-us megaboom-lightbox_large_3-charcoal-black-en-us

At 22.6 cm by 8.3 cm and 877 grams, the MEGABOOM is larger than the UE BOOM, but not drastically so. That extra space gives you a 90-decibel maximum sound level from two 2" drivers and two 2x4" radiators with a frequency of 65Hz - 20kHz in all directions.

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