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You can enable split-screen multitasking on Nvidia Shield TV using a Bluetooth keyboard

An enterprising GeForce Forums user has stumbled upon a way of enabling split-screen multitasking on everybody's favorite Android TV box, the Nvidia Shield TV. It's not entirely practical, but if you've got a keyboard you can connect to the device, you can run two apps side by side on your television.

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Almost A Year Later, Razer's Turret Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo Is Finally Available For A Whopping $160

It wouldn't be fair to call the Razer Forge TV a failure. No, that simply wouldn't be right. If I did that, I'd miss the opportunity to call it a half-baked, poorly-supported product that lags behind even the limited field of Android TV devices like a three-legged dog chasing a nitrous-powered mail truck. Almost a year after its US launch the set-top box is still inexplicably incompatible with Netflix, the promised PC game streaming software feature has disappeared, and even after being injected with the decrepit soul of OUYA the Forge is basically a dead platform. But there's one last thing to report on before we can finally lay it to rest: the Turret.

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[Deal Alert] HTC Hot Deals Discount The Nexus 9 By 40%, Free Logitech Keyboard With LTE Version

HTC's Hot Deals change weekly, some weeks featuring discounts on accessories, others going all in with some cool hardware offers. This week's deal is mostly about the Nexus 9 which is seeing its price slashed by 40%. This isn't the first time HTC has discounted the Nexus 9 by that much, but they often sell out of units fast. This time also comes with an added perk, but only if you're interested in the 32GB LTE version of the tablet.

The first 200 orders of the 32GB LTE Nexus 9 will get a free Logitech Keys-To-Go Bluetooth Keyboard, which Cameron called the best portable keyboard he's ever used when he reviewed it back in July.

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[Deal Alert] LG Rolly Bluetooth Keyboard Is On Sale At Best Buy For $79.99 ($40 Off) Today Only

On-screen keyboards have gotten a lot better in recent years, but sometimes you just want real keys. The LG Rolly Wireless Keyboard can pair with your Android device over Bluetooth, and it folds up into a little tube for easy transport. It's on sale via Best Buy today only for $79.99. That's $40 cheaper than the Amazon price.

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LG Announces The Rolly Keyboard, A Smart Foldable And Almost Full-Sized Bluetooth Keyboard

I'm always looking for that perfect Bluetooth keyboard — one that is small and easy to carry, but large enough to comfortably type on, compatible with Android and iOS, and can connect to multiple devices at the same time. See, I always envision myself as the free-spirited type of person who goes to a cafe, orders a cappuccino, and pulls out a tablet with a keyboard to get work done as if I'm too hip to work at an office but too busy to wait until later. Suffice it to say, I'm never that cool, but I think LG may have gotten the closest to my fantasy with its Rolly Keyboard (model KBB-700).

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Microsoft's Tiny And Flexible Bluetooth Universal Foldable Keyboard Is Now Available For $100

I love me some Microsoft keyboards - for my money their layout and key designs beat Logitech any day. The company's latest entry into the mobile accessory market is a Bluetooth keyboard designed to be as tiny and compact as possible, folding lengthways into a rough square just 5.8 inches across and less than half an inch thick, about the same size as a CD case. Fold it open and you've got a full six-row keyboard ready to be paired with a phone, tablet, or even a full desktop computer, and Microsoft claims that the Universal Foldable Keyboard is made with Android, iOS, and Windows in mind.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] You Can Undo And Redo Text Changes With Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts

Sprinkled inside the big M letter slide during Google I/O was a list of new features on the platform, most of which we have discussed (and some of which we are still to discuss) in our M Feature Spotlight articles. One of these was a mysterious "Undo/Redo keyboard shortcuts" that you can spot in the seventh line on the left in the image below.


After stumbling to figure out what this exactly was, we reached out to Dave Burke who explained that M now supports the CTRL+Z and CTRL+Shift+Z shortcuts in text fields in Android M. That is if you happen to be using a Bluetooth keyboard with your device. From

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Microsoft's Universal Bluetooth Keyboard Will Work With Windows, Android, And iOS, Just Like The One From Logitech

As someone who spends all day in front of computer screens, I'm somewhat picky when it comes to input devices. I prefer Logitech mice, but their keyboards are always too mushy and over-designed for my taste - I'll take a chunky, clicky Microsoft keyboard every time. This being the case, I more or less ignored Logitech's admittedly cool K480 universal Bluetooth keyboard, which is designed to work seamlessly across Windows, Android, and iOS. Now that Microsoft is making essentially the same product, I am officially interested.

Yes, the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard does pretty much all the same stuff that...

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Logitech Unveils First Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard Designed To Quickly Switch Between Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, Or iOS

Desk space is a valuable commodity for most of us, and the last thing anybody wants to do is sacrifice a huge area to put down a second keyboard. On the other hand, who among us doesn't hate to switch back and forth between the keyboard and your phone while working and responding to text messages? If this is a familiar feeling, Logitech's just announced K480 Bluetooth keyboard might fit your not-so-uncommon demands. It's designed to connect with up to 3 devices simultaneously, and switch between them with the turn of a dial.



The K480 sports a groove to prop up a phone or tablet, or both.

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ASUS Shows Off The TransKeyboard, A Slick-Looking Bluetooth Keyboard With An Integrated Cover And Tablet Stand

There are a lot of Bluetooth keyboards aimed at Android tablets, but ASUS' Transformer series of tablets and docks has long been a favorite of those who prefer a full laptop-style form factor. ASUS is trying to bring that same experience (or at least part of it) to a broader range of devices with the TransKeyboard, revealed on the company's YouTube channel late last night.

The TransKeyboard is pretty similar to other mobile keyboards - it's relatively compact and interoperable with Android smartphones/tablets and PCs. It also includes a rechargeable battery that connects via a standard MicroUSB port, which should be handy for travelers who are weary of multiple plugs.

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