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Blue Yeti X is one of the best consumer mics available for under $200

The default hardware kit for most podcasters and live streamers consists of two widely known products: A Logitech webcam and a Blue Yeti microphone. The Yeti has become one of the most popular all-around mics on the market because it delivers high quality, versatility, and a distinctive look without breaking the bank. Blue is now launching a new member in the lineup called the Yeti X, taking everything from the original, but adding great lighting and powerful audio processing capabilities that will appeal to podcasters and a rapidly growing market of game streamers.

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Blue Satellite review: Blue's $400 attempt at wireless headphones sound fantastic, but are compromised

Sitting on my desk is currently the third pair of Satellite headphones Blue Microphone has shipped me since the company first sent them. In May. It's been a long time coming, and I'll let you know why, but our review is finally here, months later. Unfortunately, even with this third and final refined pair, I just can't recommend Blue's attempt at a premium wireless headphone. It's too compromised, too dated, and too expensive to justify.

To be clear, I've loved Blue's headphones to dates - the MoFis, Ellas, and Lolas all impressed me. In particular, Blue's efforts to integrate high-quality analog amplifiers directly into its headphones (aside from the fully-passive Lolas) have been of great interest to me, and I've generally been very satisfied with the results.

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Blue Ella review: Incredible planar headphones that can go anywhere

Blue is a company famous for its studio microphones, but their more recent foray into headphones has not disappointed me. 2015's Lolas were my favorite to date, though I also quite liked the powered Mo-Fis. But what I have here are easily Blue's most ambitious headphones yet: Ella, and she has me absolutely head over heels - this is pure planar magnetic bliss.

If you're not familiar with the term, planar magnetic headphones are a subtype of over-ear monitors that vibrate a series of membranes and strata in a conceptually similar way a traditional dynamic driver does a "voice coil" - using electricity and magnets to drive a moving element attached to a diaphragm that then produces sound.

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