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[Update: Down to $30] Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller at all-time low of $35 ($40 off) on Amazon

It's springtime in North America and that means your garden is about to come alive once again. If you happen to have a plot large enough to need an irrigation system and are using an older water controller, you might want to smarten it up — it's 2019, after all. Luckily, Amazon is selling the Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller at its lowest price.

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Blossom 8 Is An 8-Zone Smart Watering Controller For Your Yard (Pre-order Price $99)

When I was growing up, each summer saw us moving up to the mountains for 3 months and into a nice house with a small garden. Every few days, my father would spend his afternoons watering the different plants, flowers, and trees, making sure each one got the attention it needs. However, there were days when taking care of the yard was either too time-consuming either too tiring, conflicting with social events, requiring he maintains it even when he was exhausted after work, and so on. We've debated installing a central sprinkler system, but held off on it for a few reasons.

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