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Amazon's Alexa updated to block contacts from calling or messaging you

Since Alexa was updated to support voice calls and messaging, the common complaint has been that one can't block communications. There was no whitelist or blacklist so anyone with the app and your phone number would be able to call your device and force you to listen to their message. Even if a number were blocked on your phone, it would still ring your Echo. Well as of today that's no longer a problem. The Alexa app has now been updated to fix the privacy omission. You can now block contacts.

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Google Photos v1.25 allows album owners to block access to individuals and promises to add video stabilization [APK Teardown + Download]

We've hit that point in the year where Google's apps tend to feature smaller improvements and knock off some of the smaller to-do items. Yesterday's Google Photos update is no different. The latest version gives users the ability to ban individuals from shared albums and puts a link to the local image removal tool right in the navigation drawer. A teardown also shows we can look forward to a simple video stabilization feature and possible more video editing capabilities in the future.

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CyanogenMod 10.2 To Include New 'Global Blacklist' To Block Calls, SMS, Or Both

According to a post by David van Tonder earlier this evening, CyanogenMod's 4.3-based 10.2 iteration will be able to boast a "Global Blacklist" among its features.

CyanogenMod is known for its subtle yet incredibly useful additions and tweaks to stock Android, and the new Blacklist will blend right in with a "holo compliant interface".

As the name implies, the blacklist will be truly global – it will support blocking of calls and messages, will be configurable through Settings, Phone, and Messaging, and available to third-party apps via a "new Content Provider API".

Users can enter blacklisted numbers from their address book (the People app) and even block numbers with wildcards, or those that are unknown and/or private.

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