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Firefox Lite now has a useless travel-planning feature

Mozilla has several flavors of its Firefox browser for Android, with 'Firefox Lite' serving as the main choice for Indonesia and other Asian countries. Despite its name, the Lite browser has become more and more bloated over the past few months, and now there's a travel feature that isn't very helpful.

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Snapchat now lets you buy products on Amazon by taking pictures of them

The Snapchat app is still a dumpster fire, but now it's a dumpster fire that can look up products on Amazon. While work continues on the revamped Android application, Snapchat has decided to add Amazon searching to the camera screen. Because that's totally what users want, right?

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Confirmed: the Verizon Pixel's bootloader will not be unlockable

Thought that Verizon was warming up to the idea of less carrier intrusion because there aren't any obnoxious Verizon logos on the device? Well, you thought wrong. Just minutes before the event, @evleaks tweeted that the Verizon Pixels' bootloaders would not be able to be unlocked; that information has now been affirmed by a Google representative at the San Francisco event.

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Facebook Mentions Parades On Android, Strutting Its 87MB Bloatastic iOS Interface

Facebook has many apps, side-projects, and different ways to suck you into its social network and try to get you to stay on it. One day it wants to be your news source, the other it wants to be your communication hub or your work's intranet. Facebook's Mentions launched in July 2014 with an iOS app as a way for celebrities to manage their pages, then was opened to all verified profiles in September 2015. Now the app has crossed the dark forest, jumped the big void, and ventured into the unknown abyss between iOS and Android and come to the Play Store.

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