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All the games on Google Stadia (Update: Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number)

Google's cloud gaming service, Stadia, begins trialing on November 19 — you'll need to buy a $130 Founder's Edition kit to get access — and is expected to expand to the general audience sometime in 2020. So far, 30 games have been announced for the early roster and we expect more of them to pop up as we go along this year. It can be a little hard to keep track of things, so we've got you covered with a handy list of all the titles that have been announced for Stadia.

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Saviors of Uldum is Hearthstone's second Year of the Dragon expansion for 2019

Back in April Blizzard Entertainment released Rise of the Shadows, the first expansion in the Year of the Dragon. Today the second expansion Saviors of Uldum has arrived. You can expect new quests, spells, and plagues, as well as a new keyword, Reborn. Of course, there's also 135 new cards to play with, and if you log in today, you'll receive a random Legendary Quest card.

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You can get a Hearthstone 3D printed phone case, if you're into that kind of thing

FabZat, a merchandising and 3D printing company, has partnered with Blizzard Entertainment to announce that as of today they are offering custom 3D-printed and personalized Hearthstone-themed phone cases for $38.49. Currently, there are a total of 15 different case designs to choose from with more to come in the future.

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World of Warcraft: Legion's official companion app is up on the Play Store

Blizzard has been blowing GPAs, sinking careers, and ruining marriages with World of Warcraft for over a decade now. It's an enviable achievement. Though the biggest MMO game in the world has declined in recent years, the latest expansion hopes to add enough new and interesting content to bring old players back and maybe even snag a few new ones. One of the biggest new features is support for an official companion app, so addicts no longer need to rely on a PC to get their WoW fix.

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Hearthstone Update Adds Support For Android Phones, Free Card Pack After Your First Round

Hearthstone is one of the latest creations of the incredibly successful game developer, Blizzard Entertainment, the name behind famous titles such as Diablo and World of Warcraft. The company specializes in making immersive and addictive games and Hearthstone is no exception. Billed as "Deceptively Simple, Insanely Fun," Hearthstone is a card based strategy game with similar mechanics to other TCGs such as Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm not sure why I bothered explaining any of that, this is a site full of "Android enthusiasts" (read: nerds) and it's not like you need an introduction to anything created by Blizzard.

Up until today, Hearthstone has only been playable on Android tablets.

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