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A new BlackBerry phone with 5G and a hardware keyboard is set to launch next year

BlackBerry phones experienced a resurgence in 2016 when TCL became the exclusive global hardware manufacturer for its devices. The KeyOne and Key2 were solid options for customers crazy for physical keyboards, and it was satisfying to see the historic brand sticking around. Earlier this year brought some dire news for the future of the brand, as TCL ended the partnership entirely. Now it looks like BlackBerry is sprouting from the ground once more with a new 5G device from a new partner.

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BlackBerry phones may finally be dying for good

When BlackBerry finally made the move away from proprietary software and jumped aboard the Android train, the Priv was the only phone it produced by itself before teaming up with Chinese manufacturer TCL in 2016. That partnership has now come to an end, as TCL has announced that it will no longer make phones with BlackBerry branding.

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This video plots the rise and fall of smartphone OSes over the last 20 years

The advent of the smartphone as the personal computing device of choice is still relatively recent — only in the last half-decade or so have people begun to consider smartphones to be their primary computer. That being said, smartphones actually have a long and illustrious history — if they were human beings, some would be old enough to vote and nearly old enough to legally drink. To remind us of this, popular data-visualization YouTube channel 'Data is Beautiful' charted the rise and fall of popular smartphone OSes in the last two decades into a nail-biting video.

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The red BlackBerry Key2 with 128GB of storage is now available in the US for $700

The BlackBerry Key2 came out last year, giving hardware keyboard stalwarts something to get excited about. The phone is getting a bit long in the tooth, but now there's a very slightly upgraded version. That's not really the important part, though. What's important is that it's red. It looks pretty nice.

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[Update: BBM Enterprise open to all] BlackBerry Messenger shuts down for consumers on May 31

The end of an era approaches — the consumer-facing version of the once esteemed BlackBerry Messenger will be shutting down on May 31, 2019. This announcement came from a short blog post from Emtek (who handles BBM), with the title "Time to Say Goodbye." Somber news, indeed.

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8 of our favorite tech deals this week: Phone clearance prices, projectors, and more

Winter sucks for shopping. At least, it does if you're doing it in the traditional sense: driving out in the snow, fighting for parking, and watching the sun set before you're even half done. It's enough to drive someone to ditch the brick-and-mortar life and commit to an online retail existence. As luck would have it, we've spotted a bunch of good deals from some of our favorite online stores, ready to save you a buck or two on mobile tech.

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BlackBerry, IBM, Microsoft, and others join Android Enterprise Recommended initiative

About a year ago, Google announced the Android Enterprise Recommended program. It includes a list of Android devices that are ideal for business use and comply with certain guidelines (running a recent version of Android, supporting zero-touch enrollment, etc.). For companies looking to deploy a large number of phones, Google also now has a set of recommended Enterprise Mobility Management providers.

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Best Buy has the BlackBerry KEYone on clearance sale for $300 ($200 off)

BlackBerry has a niche, and it's not giving it up any time soon. If you want a phone with a keyboard, you'll probably buy one of the TCL-built BlackBerry devices like the new KEY2. However, that phone is pretty spendy at $650. If you don't mind making a few sacrifices in your quest for a keyboard, Best Buy is having a KEYone fire sale.

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The BlackBerry Key2 LE is official, starts at $399

Earlier this month, we shared images of TCL's upcoming BlackBerry device, the Key2 LE. It appeared to be a slightly cheaper version of the Key2 that was released earlier this year, and now the phone has been officially announced.

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Exclusive: This is the BlackBerry Key2 LE

TCL launched the BlackBerry Key2 earlier this year as its second keyboarded phone under the Blackberry brand. This phone made several improvements over the KeyOne with a faster processor, more RAM, a dual camera, and more. However, that also meant a $100 increase in price. If that's too rich for your blood and you absolutely need a physical keyboard, then the rumored Key2 LE is what you want. It's not official, but we've got new details on this upcoming phone. Most of the specs are just a small step down from the flagship Key2, but the keyboard design looks different.

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