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[Deal Alert] Unlocked AT&T BlackBerry Priv Marked All The Way Down To $449.99 ($200 Off)

The BlackBerry Priv is an expensive phone. Despite undergoing a price drop earlier this month, the device still costs $650! That's quite a chunk of change, especially for a debut product from a new Android manufacturer (though you may have heard the name once or twice somewhere else).

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BlackBerry Drops The Price Of The Android-Powered Priv By $50 ($650) - Price Also Dropped In The UK And Europe

The BlackBerry Priv is nice. It really is! As the company's first full Android device it's impressive, and it's a downright godsend for all those users who've been starved for a high-end phone with a physical keyboard since the DROID 4 came out four freakin' years ago. But it's also expensive. At $700 in the US, it's among the priciest phones on the market... and BlackBerry's falling star in the smartphone world means that they can't afford to play at the same level as Samsung and Apple, at least not yet.

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Blackberry Announces Priv Marshmallow Open Beta

The Blackberry Priv launched last November. While it undeniably has an interesting form factor and shipped with some compelling enterprise-oriented security features, it has remained on Android Lollipop as its flagship competitors received their Marshmallow updates left and right.

But now Blackberry is testing a beta of its hardened version of Android 6.0, and owners of the phone can sign up via the Blackberry Beta Zone.

There are limits to who can join the beta program. The first wave of invitations will be sent to those who bought their devices through the Blackberry Store, Amazon, and British phone retailer Carphone Warehouse.

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BlackBerry Priv Comes To India For 62,990 INR


BlackBerry Says It's Done With Its Home-Grown BlackBerry OS - All 2016 Products Will Use Android Software

Pour one out for the little guys, folks... even if this particular little guy used to be a 700-pound gorilla that dominated corporate and government sales all over the world. After a mostly positive response to the BlackBerry Priv, the company's latest flagship and its first to run the Android operating system, CEO John Chen says that the older BlackBerry OS is not going to be used in any of the new phones it has planned for the 2016 calendar year. He told Cnet the news at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

A full switch-over to Android makes sense - many software and app developers are ignoring the BlackBerry platform completely after its marketshare has dived into the single digits over the last few years.

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BlackBerry Priv Will Soon Be Available On Sprint, T-Mobile, And Verizon (And Vodafone UK Starting Today)

The BlackBerry Priv is the sole option for Android users looking for a high-end phone with a physical keyboard. But, here in the States, the phone is currently only available on AT&T. Want the Priv? You need that carrier. Network not good in your area? Tough.

Except, that's about to change. BlackBerry announced at CES that the phone will soon come to the other big three carriers. T-Mobile will get the phone on January 26th. Sprint and Verizon will presumably get the device at some point after.

In BlackBerry's home country of Canada, Rogers, Bell, and Telus are all already supported.

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BlackBerry's Intro Video For The PRIV Makes A Case For Why You Might Want It Over Other Android Phones

The PRIV is BlackBerry's first true Android device. It's something that we, and a considerable portion of die-hard BlackBerry customers, have been looking forward to for a long time. But there are a couple of things that might make potential buyers trepidatious: one, a relatively high price tag of $699, and two, well, it's BlackBerry's first entry on a new software platform. So what are the highlights, aside from the obvious slide-out QWERTY keyboard? BlackBerry would like to show you. The video below is a highlight reel of what makes the PRIV different from other Android flagship phones.

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After A False Start, Blackberry Is Now Taking Pre-Orders For The Android-Powered Priv For $699

Earlier this week Blackberry's official online store posted a pre-order page for the Priv, a high-end QWERTY slider phone that also happens to be the company's first full Android device. Apparently that was a bit premature - it disappeared after a short time, but not so short that prospective customers didn't balk at the $749 USD starting price. Today the pre-order page is back with a slightly cheaper price: $699. Was the original page an error or did Blackberry see the quick reaction and adjust it down? We couldn't say. The page says the phone will start shipping on November 6th.

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BlackBerry Confirms Its Plans To Launch An Android Phone Later This Year, And That The Name Will Be Priv

A rumored BlackBerry device has been making its way around the web for long enough now that it hardly qualifies as a rumor. Since June, we've seen leaked promotional photos and videos. We've seen photos of it in the wild. We've seen hands-on footage. And then yesterday we heard that its name would be not the Venice, as previous expected, but Priv.

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BlackBerry's Rumored Venice Android Slider Could Be Officially Called "Priv"

We started hearing rumors about BlackBerry's plans to release an Android device with a full QWERTY keyboard in June. We later caught a glimpse of the device in promo photos and videos, then saw real world photos of it, and finally enjoyed a 4-minute hands-on video with the phone.

There isn't a lot we don't know about the device, except its official name. Until now, it's been introduced to us under its codename, Venice. But when it reaches retail stores, the phone will be dubbed Priv, according to Evan Blass aka @evleaks. I don't know about you, but I think Priv is trying too hard to be fancy while Venice was simply classy.

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