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Google Photos to finally get its long-promised Colorize mode, early beta samples surface

During I/O 2018, Google gave the public a sneak peek at a Photos feature that could colorize old black and white pictures, making them look as if they had been taken with an actual color camera. One year after its unveiling, word around further development on Colorize went silent, save for a promise from Google that the beta would be launching "soon." Fast forward five more months, and a functioning version of Colorize has finally been unearthed in beta via the latest Google Photos 4.26 update.

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Monochromatic puzzler 'FRACTER' is available a day early

That's right, despite an advertised Friday the 13th release date, Fracter is here a day early. This means you can jump into its haunting black and white world right now and get started solving its many intricate puzzles. If you enjoy the atmosphere of Playdead's Limbo, and the puzzle-filled gameplay of ustwo games' Monument Valley, you should feel right at home playing through Fracter.

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4L Games black and white puzzler 'Fracter' is coming to Android on July 13th

I have already written about Fracter a couple of times in the last few months, including a recent hands-on with the game that left me feeling very impressed. At the time of publication, it was still unknown exactly what date would be chosen for the official release. All I had to go on was a tentative "summer" target. Well, as of this morning ,4L Games has announced that Fracter will be released on July 13th, and if you take a quick look at your calendar, you'll notice that the 13th falls on a Friday this month.

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[Hands-on] Fracter, a black and white puzzler that'll brighten your summer

A few months ago I received an email from 4L Games that first introduced me to its upcoming black and white puzzler Fracter. I was so impressed with what I saw that I decided to write an article about the forthcoming release. Now that I have gotten my hands on an early access build, I have to say I am still left feeling very impressed. The design and gameplay remind me a lot of Monument Valley, but the puzzles lean more on the "escape room" side of things with a few enemies scattered about that you must avoid. Fracter strikes a great balance between its monochromatic design and puzzle-filled gameplay, plus its darker themes will keep you on your toes more than you may first expect.

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4L Games' isometric puzzle adventure game 'Fracter' is coming to Android this summer

I can't say I have ever heard of 4L Games before today, but since their first release Fracter isn't coming out until this summer, it stands to reason that they would be mostly unknown. After taking a quick look at their upcoming isometric puzzle adventure game, I have a feeling the studio isn't going to stay unrecognized for long.

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[Hands-on] White Night, a compelling survival horror that uses a minimal color palette as its main mechanic

You will notice right away that White Night uses a black and white color palette that clearly offers a very stylized look. While we have all seen this style used many times before, what can't be gleaned from a quick glance is the fact that this game uses its minimal color choice to its advantage by implementing plenty of mechanics that are dependent on the way light is shone in your immediate environment. So instead of jumping on the bandwagon and using a black and white theme for what is now considered an easily created look that covers up imperfections, OSome Studio has chosen to build their game around this color choice and in doing so has the clear advantage of being able to use it in a unique way that presents some very clever puzzles to the player.

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SXPD Is A Comic Book And Video Game Hybrid Where Biker Babes Deliver Justice In Black And White

One of the most visually striking and gratuitously violent games of the previous console generation came out, perhaps surprisingly, for the Nintendo Wii. Sega's MadWorld took place predominately in black and white, but blood continued to spurt out in bright red. The story was told through comic book panels, with comparisons to Sin City basically writing themselves.

That game never received a sequel, but while the freshly ported SXPD belongs to a different genre entirely, it comes with a similar flavor. Though this time, red isn't reserved purely for bodily fluids.



SXPD takes place in a dystopian future where the 52nd state of America is ran by the richest man in the country.

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