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FBI catches alleged hackers behind the great Twitter hack of 2020

Three individuals have been charged with carrying out a debilitating security breach on Twitter 2 weeks ago that saw high-profile verified accounts hijacked for the purposes of a Bitcoin scam. In perpetrating the scheme, the team allegedly gained privileged tools by connecting with an employee who was selling access to them.

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Massive Twitter breach made possible by social engineering

Some verified Twitter accounts are not able to post tweets right now. The company says it is working to investigate and fix a major vulnerability that saw celebrities including Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Kanye West, and MrBeast of YouTube fame post bogus offers to give back double whatever Bitcoin deposit their followers put in.

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HTC reveals €219 Exodus 1s cryptocurrency phone with... Android Oreo

There hasn't been much news from HTC about new phones this year, besides some budget models. The company did confirm earlier this year that it would develop a new version of its 'Exodus' blockchain phone, which was itself a slightly-modified U12+. That new device is finally real, and it's... something.

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'Pay with Facebook' option spotted as rumors of Facebook Coin cryptocurrency intensify

Some Italian-language Facebook users have noticed a new option in the app that invites them to "Paga con Facebook" ("Pay with Facebook") alongside a Bitcoin-esque icon. At the same time, fresh rumors have emerged about the company's plans to enter the cryptocurrency space with Facebook Coin, so it would seem that we're not far away from an official announcement on the subject.

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Google's G Suite Twitter account briefly promoted a bitcoin giveaway scam

Twitter has quite a few ongoing problems, but perhaps none of them are as amusing as the ever-constant cryptocurrency giveaway spam. For months, scammers have impersonated celebrities (especially Elon Musk) to trick people into giving them bitcoin, but some have actually managed to hack high-profile accounts — including one of Google's.

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Crypto Rider lets you ride the thrilling roller coaster of cryptocurrency prices

For most people, investing in cryptocurrencies is already enough of an emotional roller coaster as it is. The highly volatile and unpredictable highs and lows of Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and the like are enough to put almost anyone on edge, especially when money is involved. But if for some reason that doesn't satisfy your adrenalin fix, a new game called Crypto Rider might.

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New Startup '21' Wants To Put Dedicated Bitcoin Mining Chipsets In Your Smartphone

You've probably heard of Bitcoin once or twice by this point, even if you're not entirely clear on how it works. Until now you've needed to be familiar with the entire process of producing, storing, and spending Bitcoins for the currency to make any difference in your life, but a startup called 21 wants to change that. 21 is pushing Bitcoin mining as a built-in device function. This won't make you rich, but it might change how content and services are managed.

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Latest Circle Update Gives The Bitcoin Wallet App Support For Android Wear And NFC

Circle is an app you can use to manage bitcoin, assuming, you know, that you're into Magic Internet Money. The latest update adds Android Wear support, which gives you the option of generating a QR code to use as an address for receiving byte-sized moolah or simply keeping an eye on bitcoin's going rate at the moment.


This update also adds NFC support, so you can use the app to transfer bitcoin by tapping your phone against something it plays along with, just in case paying using Google Wallet doesn't provide enough nerd cred.

All half-joking aside, there's reason to be interested in decentralized digital currency. With a sleek Android app and Wear support, this continues to look about as pretty a way to manage your bitcoin as any.

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Make Imaginary Internet Money With Frantic Tapping In Noodlecake's Oddly Addictive Bitcoin Billionaire

Advanced 3D graphics! Dual-stick controls! A deep, engaging story! Bitcoin Billionaire from Noodlecake Studios has none of those. Yet, it's still somehow addictive and... I don't know if I'd say fun, but something resembling a type of fun.

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Bitcoin Wallet 'Circle' Comes To Android To Make Magical Internet Money Less Confusing

Bicoin is a neat idea, but it's not very easy to use. In a world where most people have trouble figuring out how a ZIP archive works, asking them to manage their own encrypted Bitcoin wallet file is probably not going to happen. Having a third-party do it for you is risky too, but Circle aims to make Bitcoin safe and easy to use. The new Android app looks pretty great too.

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