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Google app v7.9 begins work on day planning feature called At A Glance, saving web pages and images for later, possible Lens interface called "Eyes," and more [APK Teardown]

Version 7.9 of the Google app began rolling out last night, but like so many other updates, this one doesn't appear to change much once it has been installed. However, it may be setting the stage for a number of things, both new and previously announced. A teardown of the APK brings to light some new features for at a glance visibility of travel information and storing search results and web pages for later use, plus a few follow-ups for topics we've seen before.

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Google app v7.0 beta includes new Assistant Notification settings, plans redesign of Assistant Services directory, and hints at new device called "Bisto" [APK Teardown + Download]

The Google app went through a major version bump to 7.0 and began rolling out to the beta channel a couple of days ago. A bit of digging around turned up a few new settings, but nothing that explains why the version number went up on this release. Along with the new features, a teardown also raises some light on a few things we can look forward to in the future, including some vital improvements for Services accessed through Google Assistant and what may be a new type of device. If you're not part of the beta channel, you can grab the latest version of the Google app – now with fewer crashes – from APK Mirror.

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