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Microsoft caught sneaking Bing search onto phones with the Outlook app

Microsoft might be the market leader when it comes to desktop operating systems, but its aspirations for search have remained depressingly dismal. Currently, less than 3% of online searches are conducted via Microsoft's Bing search engine, but the company is trying to bump that number up by any means necessary... apparently even spammy additions to its Outlook app on Android.

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Bing Wallpapers app launches with daily updates to your background (APK Download)

While the search engine wars haven't been particularly kind to Bing, fans of the service often praise it for updating the home page with beautiful and interesting background photos each day. It has been so popular that it has sparked a small following, and there are several wallpaper apps dedicated to pulling the images from Bing's homepage to use as wallpapers on our phones. Microsoft has even delivered the same functionality a couple times in the past with its Bing search app and a now-defunct lockscreen app; but if you don't want all of the extra weight that comes with those, Bing now has a new app dedicated to just doing wallpapers.

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Yahoo has a new Bing-based search service, and it says it's like super duper private, guys

Yahoo was an internet heavyweight during the early years of the internet—before Google, of course. Today, Yahoo is a shell of its former self as a subsidiary of Verizon with no real search product of its own. It's trying to build one, though. The company's new One Search is available on the web and via an Android app. It's just Bing with some added features, but Yahoo promises it's really secure.

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Microsoft's SwiftKey adds Google as search engine option


Latest SwiftKey update lets you remove the Bing search button [APK Download]

Much like Gboard and its Google Search integration, Microsoft-owned SwiftKey added Bing as a search feature in its last big release, which we're sure wasn't a popular addition. Thankfully, a new update is now available that changes Bing search to a small button in the toolbar and allows you to remove it if you don't want it.

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SwiftKey Keyboard gets Bing search integration

Your keyboard probably spends more time up on your screen than most apps, so it's only natural that developers have sought to make it more useful. For example, Gboard has search and translation integration. SwiftKey is still playing catch up when it comes to service integration, but it's taking a big step today with Bing search. Why Bing? Because Microsoft owns SwiftKey.

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Microsoft merges advanced facial recognition and Bing image search in new Face Swap app

While Microsoft is undoubtedly better known for its productivity suite, the remit of in-house development studio The Garage is is a little broader and more playful. Not unlike the "20% time" projects at Google, Microsoft Garage is responsible for experiments that may or may not end up becoming fully-fledged products. The latest to see a full release after a few years of testing is Face Swap, an app that will automatically swap your face into any scene.

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Bing adds augmented reality 360 Search, plus Music, Events, and Lottery

Microsoft wants to beat Google at its own game, so to those ends the company drives hard and fast when it comes to search. The newest feature to hit the app is 360 Search, an augmented reality-infused experience that helps take you where you want to go. Other new things include enhanced music and events features as well as a new 'Lottery' section showing the latest winning results for jackpots and such.

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Bing Updated With Image Search And Barcode Scanner

The app for that other search engine from a certain software company has been updated with some legitimately cool features. One is image search, which Google still doesn't have on mobile despite it being a desktop feature, while the other is QR code scanning, which Google Search on Android can't do, either (this despite the fact that Now On Tap can now scan images for text using the camera).

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Bing Android App Gets Big Visual Redesign, Scans Barcodes, Lists Gas Prices, And More In Version 6.0

Microsoft has a big Bing theory about how people should use their Android devices. The theory is simple — Microsoft believes you should use your phone to use Bing. And to entice you, the company has revamped the app. When you tap that Bing icon, what you see will look something like this.

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