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Netflix hits one billion installs on the Play Store

With everyone holed up at home, Netflix has probably been getting a little more usage than usual. Those extra few downloads could have just tipped the app over one billion downloads on the Play Store, which is no small feat even for an app that comes pre-installed on some devices.

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Snapchat reaches a billion downloads on Android

Snapchat's fortunes may be turning around. Okay, so the glasses idea was a bust, and the company's stock has spent the last year below even the IPO price, but we millenials are really into making ourselves look like terrifying dog-human chimeras, for some reason, and we've driven the app to over a billion installs on the Play Store. (Though the platform's ubiquitous use among adult models may also explain the rising popularity.)

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Google Chrome for Android hits 5 billion installs, 20 trillion tabs (probably)


The Play Store's five-billion-installs club just got its fifth member — everyone's favorite RAM-hogging browser, Google Chrome. Joining the ranks of Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and Google Search, Chrome for Android's number of downloads has hit a figure comparable to Earth's population.

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Gmail follows YouTube, Maps, and Search in joining 5 billion installs club


After YouTube and Maps, Google app becomes third app to get 5 billion downloads on the Play Store

Over the weekend, the Google Maps app reached 5 billion downloads on the Play Store and we celebrated that momentous occasion with virtual champagne and confetti — well, just a short post really. However, our eyebrows were a little raised when we noticed that the Google app still hadn't made it to that coveted number, but now they're dropping as it has just caught up.

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Google Maps hits 5 billion downloads on the Play Store, does it after YouTube but before the Google app

Being physically lost is apparently a much bigger incentive for app usage than being at a loss from an information perspective. The Google Maps app has just hit over 5 billion downloads on the Play Store, beating Google's own search app to the punch. The latter still hasn't reached that coveted number, but we all know it's a matter of time.

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Google Duo reaches 1 billion downloads on the Play Store

Back in May of 2016, Google announced two new messaging apps: Allo and Duo. The former, as you probably know, is being killed off in about three months. Duo, however, is still alive and kicking, as it's a pretty good video calling app. It just hit a whopping one billion downloads on the Play Store, which is no small feat.

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Facebook Lite now has more than a billion Play Store downloads


YouTube hits 5 billion installs on the Play Store

YouTube has been streaming video since before some of our younger readers were born. Since its launch in 2005, it's become mind-bogglingly popular. It also comes pre-loaded on every Android phone with access to Google Play, which has led to a significant milestone in the app's history: YouTube has now seen more than five billion installations on Android.

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Samsung hit with lawsuit of up to $2.8 billion for infringing on biometric-related patents

With their fingerprint sensors, iris scanners, and facial recognition tech, Samsung phones feature more methods of biometric authentication than most, if not all, of their competitors. However, the Korean company is now being sued by a US-based "data security firm," PACid Technologies, for infringing on two US patents and one Korean patent with its biometric features.

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