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Google Pixel 3a ad challenges the (i)Phone X’s price and camera

Google took an unprecedented step in the smartphone industry and launched its new midrange phones Pixel 3a and 3a XL for half the price of its flagship while still retaining the same camera quality the regular Pixels are loved for. Of course, the company didn't miss the chance to rub that fact into its competitors' noses and launched an ad campaign comparing the fictional $999 "Phone X" with the $399 Pixel 3a, implying that it takes way better pictures in the dark.

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Google puts up "be together not the same" billboard for Pride with lots of colorful Nova Launcher screens

New York City's Pride March is scheduled to take place this Sunday the 26th, and Google is all ready to join in. Android's "be together not the same" slogan champions acceptance and celebrates difference, something that falls in line with the message of Pride. And with the Orlando shooting's black cloud looming over everyone, it's nice to see Google already excited and ready to grab its rainbow flag and stand proud.

At the corner of Christopher Street and 7th Avenue in NYC, there are two new billboards for Android filled to the brim with more than 80 different homescreen setups — some, if not all, of which have been made with Nova Launcher (which happens to be on sale now, happy coincidence!).

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