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Google Maps speed limit data has improved in 9 countries, worsened in 9 others

Millions of people around the world rely on Google Maps to get places, and for that, Maps' data has to be as accurate and timely as possible. Google tracks the quality of its data all the time and every few months, it updates us on the improvements or regressions it has noticed. In the latest set of changes, Maps has seen upgrades to the speed limit data in nine countries, accompanied with downgrades in nine others. There are minor changes to biking directions too.

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Google Maps rolls out directions centered on docked bikeshare journeys in Chicago, New York, and more

More people are discovering what they can do with a bicycle as the transportation picture shifts during the coronavirus pandemic. Google Maps reported a 69% increase in requests for bicycling directions since February and is handling record high demand. So, in response to this demand, it is patching up a hole in its offerings by introducing biking directions centered on journeys with docked bikeshare systems.

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Google Maps picks up high-quality traffic info in dozens of nations as part of latest data-set upgrades

Google Maps is one of the company's most magical services, but its navigational utility sadly varies a bit from country to country. For several reasons, not all regions have the same sort of data available. Google offers three tiers of data availability and quality when it comes to things like biking directions, traffic, and speed limits, and the company has just updated its table for Map Coverage Details to reflect several recent changes in coverage.

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Google Maps downgrades speed limit accuracy in the USA (plus 25 more countries), adds biking directions in 3 countries

Any maps app thrives on accuracy. Incorrect data should be removed, fixed quickly, or at least it should be marked as such. The Google Maps team keeps a list of its coverage details with markers for availability and data quality, and updates it every now and then to reflect the current state of affairs. Since the last change in July, some improvements have been made, but also some countries have had their data markers downgraded.

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