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LeEco announces smart bikes with Android-based 'BikeOS' at CES

LeEco is determined to succeed in the North American market, despite a strange launch event and mediocre devices. The company has announced two new smart bikes, the aptly-named LeEco Smart Road Bike and LeEco Smart Mountain Bike (not LeBike?), which can be seen on the CES show floor.

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SBK15 Is A Motorcycle Racing Sim That Should Please Superbike Fans, But Skimps On Features

Developer Digital Tales has been hyping its latest Superbike game for a few weeks, and today it's finally been released on Google Play. SBK15 is a simulator in the general sense, and it tries to bring a feeling of realism to its motorcycle races. The tracks are based on real tracks, the bikes are based on real bikes, and the riders are licensed likenesses of world championship racers, complete with authentic sponsor logos plastered to their helmets.

And don't get me wrong, SBK16 definitely has some good points. The graphics are appealing without being too taxing, the sense of speed is decent, and the tilt controls actually make sense in the context of leaning into a curve.

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New Kickstarter Project 'BitLock' Aims To Modernize Bicycle Locks With Bluetooth Unlocking And More

As long as bicycles have existed, those who wish to steal said bicycles have found new and inventive ways to get around whatever locking mechanisms are put in place to keep them safe. As a result, lock manufacturers have to come up with new ways to ensure their products do what they're supposed to: keep the locked bike from being stolen. Among all the different designs, the U-style lock has widely been adopted as the best and overall strongest.

Of course, all bike locks have a common issue: the lock itself. Not only are locks pick-able, but keys can be lost (or stolen), essentially making the lock itself useless.

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Scosche Announces the boomBOTTLE – A Weatherproof, Water Bottle-Sized Wireless Sound System For Your Bike

Describing it as "a wireless omnidirectional outdoor speaker," Scosche today unveiled the boomBOTTLE – a wireless speaker for your bike that's roughly the shape and size of an average water bottle.

Powered by Bluetooth, the boomBOTTLE fits in your bike's water bottle holster and promises "rich, deep" audio courtesy of dual 40mm drivers in each unit. The device also has an integrated passive subwoofer with a ported enclosure.

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Android + Device Built Into Handlebars = Bike Navigation Evolved

In a very awesome and useful display of the innovative genius that we've come to expect from Android developers and modders, Interaction Designer (how awesome does that sound?) Michael Fretz and his team have come up with a bicycle navigation system that can only be described as ingenious. The awkwardly named Punkt.Fizen is a truly creative, original idea that utilizes the power of the Android platform and the versatility of the Arduino.

When I first read about the idea, I wasn't too sure about it but, after reading the intro and description, I got interested:

How does one orient oneself while biking, for example as a tourist?

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