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[Update: Probably fake] Alleged pictures of 'Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s' show iPhone X-like notch

Xiaomi has never shied away from copying Apple, especially when it comes to design. Last year's original Mi Mix was a substantial departure from the company's previous phones, and its edge-to-edge screen (minus the bottom bar) made headlines worldwide. Here  we are a year later, and bezel-less phones are a bit more common now, with the iPhone X gaining the most attention.

Xiaomi just released the Mi Mix 2, with roughly the same design as last year's model, and it's a pretty great device (Jordan is in the process of reviewing it). But it looks like another variation could be in the works, one that looks far more like an iPhone X.

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Sharp Aquos S1 and S2 bezel-less phones leaked, S2 reportedly has under-glass fingerprint reader

Sharp hasn't sold phones in North America for a while, but the company is still working on some very interesting devices. Back in 2014, it released the Aquos Crystal, one of the first "bezel-less" phones to hit the market (I use that term loosely, because it had a massive bottom bezel). Now it appears to be working on two similar phones, the Sharp Aquos S1 and S2.

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Andy Rubin's unannounced company, Essential, is developing a bezel-less smartphone

If you're familiar with the history of Android and Google, you likely have heard about Andy Rubin. He co-founded Android, Inc, and when the company was acquired in 2005 by Google, Rubin continued to work at Google until 2014. Bloomberg reports that Rubin is preparing to announce a new consumer hardware company, named 'Essential,' with one of the products being a bezel-less smartphone.

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[What bezel?] Xiaomi Mi Mix is a 6.4" giant phone with 91.3% screen-to-body ratio

At an event in Beijing today, Xiaomi announced what it called a "concept phone" but that pretty much appears to be real and alive given the price tag, release date, and working prototypes that everyone got to play with. The selling point? No bezels. Well, there are some bezels, technically, but they barely count as such.

The Mi Mix, which is the name of this magical device, has a huge 6.4" screen in a body that seems to be almost the same size as an iPhone 7 Plus. Xiaomi achieved this by using every inch of the front of the device to the maximum, including rounding out the display at the corners to remove the tiniest of borders.

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